Wednesday, September 1, 2010

A 2nd Etsy Shop ? ... Oh Bother !!!

I would really love to open a second shop on Etsy but I find the idea of having to open another email account to do so a big turn off.  Etsy admin says they're going to be working on a feature that will allow us to have multiple shops under one email account, however the question is "When?"

The last few days I've been preoccupied with doing seed bead jewelry and when I pick up my beading needle and seed beads it becomes like an addiction.  I become consumed with the desire to complete the project and find it hard for me to break away from my creation.   Busy as a bee I completed not one but 4 beaded rope necklaces.

This Sapphire Blue and Dark Garnet Beaded Rope is one I would love to post on Etsy but since my only shop is a Beading and Jewelry Making Supplies shop I don't want to saturate it with my handcrafted jewelry. 
Photo above...Beaded Rope Necklace made with small 3mm glass beads. 

Photo above...The beaded rope is very flexible and has my unique hand beaded ring and loop clasp.
Photo above...Shown with clasp towards front.
Photos below...Now to dress it up a bit with my own handcrafted beaded pendant.
Photos that my pendant is reversible, for 2 different looks.
Photo below...Here's the blue side.
Photo below...And here's the deep garnet side.

I think it would make a fabulous gift for the holidays or a lovely Christmas present, but I'm afraid that the holidays of 2010 will long be over before etsy gets around to implementing its multiple shops under one email account.   So my dilemma is should I open another shop now or wait ?


  1. WOOOOOOOOOOOOOW! That is a beauty! As someone who ran two stores once, it's a bother. I finally decided to consolidate into one store. I guess the tricky thing for you is that most likely your supplies will always outnumber your finished items. I still think there are creative ways to work one store. You could make sure in your "sections" to make your finished jewelry top of the list. You can also make sure to always tag three of your finished items as your "featured" items so they stay at the top of your page. Honestly though, more than one store is such a pain in the butt.

  2. beautiful! I would just do the sections for now and cross your fingers that they get their butts in gear! I have 2 other etsy shops with nothing in them..waiting for when I can combine them all under one email. I'd love to keep my photography separate from my trinkets/brooches just because it's not really a common theme. But who knows when they'll get around to it!

    for now, I just sell my photography at craft day i'll get it on etsy!

    {Little Gray Fox}

    P.S. Don't forget to join the Crafty Challenge! Deadline for entries is September 10th!

  3. very pretty, I love the handmade clasp & add on pendant. Beautiful beadwork.

  4. you know me, I say go for it. I really like the reversible pendant. People love things they can use more than one way. So what if you have to open another email? No biggy. Might as well take on an entirely new persona while you are at it. I see the etsy shops and the blog as a way to "try out" different moods, different designs that consume me for periods of time, fashions that I love but would prob not wear all that. Have some fun and make $. I don't see the 20 cent listing fee as overwhelming and it makes me happy so....or, wait til it can be one email. Is that ever so helpful? Thanks for being such a loyal commenter on my blog. To top up the earlier comment, we could go to the movies in AC all day on a Saturday for cartoons, candy and a feature for 25 cents!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Oh my goodness Anna, that (those) is (are) simply stunning! Beading like this fascinates me, in all the time I did jewelry I was never able to create anything like this. Your talent is so clear :-)

    To open or not...I know you've been kicking this around for a while and I can't say I blame you for weighing the options. I have 5 email accounts (yes, you read that right) and it can become overwhelming trying to keep up with them sometimes (especially with so many other endeavors both on & off line!) but they're all used for different purposes. Maybe if you had an email just dedicated to your new shop that you didn't use otherwise it would feel less overwhelming? Or if you have a website you could sell your jewelry pieces there instead???

    Don't know how to advise you in the end unfortunately, but keep us informed what you do decide to do!

  6. Wow -- Great bead work! I love the clasp and that it has a reversible pendant.

  7. Lovely Necklace :)

    Well, I would say go for it. :)

    I have 3 shops now and as much as I do not sell much it is a great tool for me to direct my other customers to view before buying, saving me hauling large artwork around town.

    I rarely have 2 shops open at a time and then I use 2 different browsers, can get complicated but it is do able.

    Hope that helps, T. :)

  8. Pretty beaded necklace! Your handmade clasp is super cool.

  9. Tottaly get it !!! I just did a wire wrapped necklace and it is soooo relaxing - maybe the repetative motion. Love that focal those flowers are great !

  10. I say "do whatever you need to do to get those out there." They are stunning. What beautiful work. I had no idea you couldn't have two etsy shops with one email address. That should be easy to fix for them. Now, if they ever get around to doing it is another thing.

  11. Thank you all, I appreciate each of your comments and your thoughts. Seems there are differences of opinions on this subject. Some realize the hassles involved, the many inconveniences; others are more adventurous and see possibilities.

    A part of me feels strongly that constantly toggling back and forth between email accounts to check on multiple shops would be a headache and yet a part of me, just as strongly, feels my jewelry needs its own shop...even though etsy seems to be 75% jewelry designers, and very talented ones at that. So the ball remains in my court and I still haven't a clue as to where I want to toss it. :(

  12. Peace .. Congratulations on your blog. These pieces are beautiful.

    I already follow you and ask you to help me and spread my blog.

    Prof. Netto, F. A.

  13. I love the beaded pendant. It's fabulous! Good luck with your decision!

  14. Hi, many thanks for your kind and wonderful words on my own blog, much appreciated and no argument from me! Wonderful blog, which has given me a little to think of, which is how it should be. Finally, what is an 'ETSY' shop? Many thanks, Tony


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