Monday, August 30, 2010

Gorgeous Pillow Giveaway

As I was tripping through blogs I fell into another lovely giveaway ... Beautiful pillows the winner gets a choice of either pink or blue ...  over at The Penny Candy Blog ...

The prize a lovely handmade pillow.   I think they are just divine and yes, they're very special,  designed to be a baby's keepsake pillow or just as lovely as a ring bearer's pillow. 

But for me, should I be so fortunate to win, I have my eye on the blue pillow and it will hold a special place of honor in the very middle of my pile of decorative bed pillow.  So go on now, check out Jamie's :  The Penny Candy Blog.   I figure the more giveaways I enter, the better my odds are of winning something. :)


  1. Beautiful pillows!! Good luck. ;D

  2. Those are really pretty! We are refraining from getting new pillows though, while the little one is in his spit-up phase. Towels are our new decor of the moment. ;)

  3. Hey Anna, you are finding some lovely giveaways, thanks for sharing, off to check it out :) T.


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