Saturday, August 28, 2010


Plantress has taken some new photos of her large baroque pearl earrings and they look better than ever in the proper lighting...hey, don't we all, hee, hee.
What a pair of gorgeous earrings and they will be absolutely free to the winner of Plantress' Giveaway Drawing...but hurry as the drawing is just about coming to an end, only 1 day remains.


  1. these look even better with the right cool light. I knew they were going to be pretty, but the lighting was not showing them to their full potential. I'm glad she figured out how to get a better photo.

    ooooo I really wanna win them even more now!

  2. These are so nice, I love the findings. What a nice treat for the winner!

  3. Oooo, they do look better in this light. I'm already made my entries - hope I win. Smiles


  4. Pretty earrings!



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