Friday, August 6, 2010

An Award to Present

The other day I was obliviously minding my own business, much like this little duck all alone in this pond,  when I a get a comment on my blog..."Hi I have something for you over at my blog."

Kristen, the creator of the blog Kristen-Bead Journey, has just bestowed me with the Versatile Blogger Award. I am very honored to accept this award though I realize that versatility is almost a prerequisite for maintaining a healthy and current blog.

Kristen's own blog, , is one filled with delightful posts about items ranging from the practical to fantasy and each of her posts makes our life as a reader, richer. Kristen, I thank you deeply for this honor and will gladly pass it on, as is expected. True it is a very difficult choice to choose from so many wondrous and diverse blogs and one I wish could be passed on to each and every blogger on my "Blogs I am Following List" but like all things there are rules and the rules of this award is to thank the giver of the award and pass the award on to 7 others so the honor may be shared.  One must also list 7 things about themselves to  share with their readers.
So...drum roll please....

1.   PrettyMuchArt  - A gorgeous blog filled with stunning finds, lush, rich and colorful. A blog that makes you dream of having the moon and the stars within your reach.

2. Wired4Style13 - Does beautiful wire work using gorgeous cabochons, this blog is more than just eye candy it is inspiration for all of us.

3. LittleGrayFox  - Whose blog is cute, entertaining and full of whimsy, a blog to lighten your soul and make you feel good.

4.  Southern05Belle  - A real southern belle with a blog that is picture perfect and a joy to visit.

5.  KateAndOli  - With a blog that is fresh and sweet and simply lovable, like getting a warm hug.

6. Hauplight  - Fantastically written blog, intriguing to read. This one is on top of my favorites list as her blog is delightfully addictive.

7.  Alygatr  - Yes another favorite of mine, don't let being number 7 fool you because in this case, I've saved the best for last. Aly's blog is filled with humor, wit and charm. Wonderfully written by a charming young lady that is one of the busiest around and one gifted with an abundance of talent.

Most honorable bloggers ... your prestigious award, may you display it proudly ...

Now 7 things about myself...

1. I can't imagine eating escargot, perhaps they taste great but I can't get past what they were before they were cooked.

2. There are at least 2 things I absolutely can not and will not eat without milk...peanut butter sandwiches and cookies. I usually eat brownies or cake with milk, but if the milk jug's empty then it has to have a scoop of ice cream to make it ala mode.

3. I think laundry is a dirty word. You can never get caught up with laundry, the best you can do is stay just one step behind it.

4. I really don't mind growing's the falling apart that I object to.

5. Some people love the desert, some love the sea, I love mountains. So why am I living in the flat land of south Florida ?

6. Show me a craft store that I don't like and I'll show you a store that has gone out of business.

7. And for heaven's sake don't take me to a huge bead shop as you'll never be able to get me out again.

Kristen really had 2 awards that she was passing on to others, this second award I share with any and all bloggers. It is here for you to download and display on your blog it is your award for creating and caring for your blog. For the work you put into it, the time and thought you spend, for having it constantly in your mind night and day. For always striving to give your followers, your readers the best of yourselves, I present you all with the "Sweet Blog Award" for all you sweet bloggers ... Bravo. Keep up the good work ...


  1. aww thank you so much for the award! It feels so nice to be recognized for what I consider to be my silly ramblings! haha

    ♥ Tsuki
    Little Gray Fox

  2. Hey, I got two awards! Thank you, Thank you so much Anna Marie. How nice are you!! And when you said my blog was addicting...well you just made a friend for life! Enjoy your weekend, you've made mine for sure.


  3. congratulations on your award! :)

    i love littlegrayfox's blog too (she's the one that got me into bloggin';) )!

    your list of 7 is awesome! totally funny and i couldn't agree with #3 more! :D

  4. I am so {{{{Blushing}}}}}}! You said such nice things about me! See that's why you so deserve this!!!!!


  5. #6 lmao! #7 is how I feel in a record store...very dangerous for the checkbook! Love to find new blogs, thanks for what looks like a great list & congrats to those who won this award...including you my friend :-)

  6. Congratulations on your award! And thanks for pointing us to some other great blogs. :D I like your list, too; the one about laundry is so true of dishes in our life. ;)

    So glad to have found you! I'll be looking forward to your posts from now on. :D

  7. Hahaha ! Congrats = I can't imagine eating snail either ! Bleech !!!


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