Tuesday, August 10, 2010

TO SLEEP...Perchance to...sleep...

Sleep, blissful sleep.  We never fully appreciate the simple act of dozing off until we can't.  For the past 4 nights sleep has been elusive for me and today I am running on empty...head feels like its filled with sawdust or cotton...keep losing my balance and bumping into things.  I've never had it this bad before.

The first night it started out with a fitful night of no sleep, a night of tossing and turning, of getting up countless times until the early light of dawn drug me out of my torture.  This  followed by 3 nights of finally falling to sleep around 3:00 am and waking again at 6:30 am.  Last night was the same, unable to shut down the brain and fall into soothing deep slumber. 

Insomnia, perhaps...or perhaps just the constant worry of having a failing business and what to do next.  Since Google took over the syndication of all of etsy's shops my views and sales have basically flat lined and nothing I've done seems to resuscitate it.  It's as though Google has stopped crawling my site and even my new listings have been known to sit there for days with only 1 view...which of course is my view !
So perhaps it's worry over what am I going to do with over $10,000 in beads and jewelry making supplies...all I do know is right now I would gladly pay $10,000 for a full night of restful, refreshing sleep.


  1. I am so sorry I wish I could help but alas if your brain is so busy not much else can do it!

    Hoping you get some sleep tonight!

  2. I would take a brief vacation from the shop. 2-3 days of just doing nothing. Do anything but work. Go out and look at the clouds. Read books, watch tv. Drink some tea. Get some good expensive chocolate, and for god's sake woman: sleep... and if you must, then pop a sominex.
    No amount of money is worth shortening your life over, especially from sleep deprivation.

    A couple days away, and your head will clear... and eventually, you will fin a way to get your name out there. Make some friends, network...

    But step away for a bit and get some perspective by thinking about and doing anything but work.

  3. Ugh insomnia is the worst. Plus its like the more you worry the less you sleep so the more you worry :-( Can you read something terribly boring like War & Peace or something as you get into bed and maybe let the sleep just come? When I used to have trouble I took valerian root for a couple nights. Natural herbal that does help with sleep. Of course if all else fails there's always NyQuil lol. Good luck, hope you get a bunch of Z's tonight!

  4. :( So sorry! i wish i even vaguely understood the mysterious ways of google syndication. but alas...
    this has to be your night! chammomile tea? favorite novel? comfiest blanket? these are the things that usually help me when i'm struggling to sleep.
    hope you feel better soon!!

  5. oh I hope you get some rest soon!
    the wee one has just started sleeping for 5 - 6 hour stretches at night, so i am finally getting sleep!!!!

  6. Oh lack of sleep is the WORST - I had 4 kids in 5 years and worked the overnight shift and never slept. Your whole body protests !!!Take a day or two off ( mentally ) and get out - even if you window shop or hang out at Borders just to clear your mind...curse you Google !!!


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