Monday, August 16, 2010


Not long ago I had a mishap with my camera.  As I attempted to extract the photo memory card from its safe little recess, the door (or cover) to the card access literally fell off.  On inspection I found that one of the plastic hinge pegs had broken. 
To make a very long story short:
1. Camera will not turn on without door/cover being completely closed.
2. Having this cover replaced entails sending the camera back to the manufacturer which means it would be cheaper to just purchase a new camera.
3. My camera is currently being held together by a purple 1/4" thick rubber band. Thankfully my hubby did not use duct tape or chewing gum.
4. This is definitely not the best solution and hopefully only temporary...of course if I have to buy a new camera with profits from my Etsy shop it could well BE a permanent situation.

So today I post  pictures that my daughter took of my granddaughters gone retro...shades of "Grease", Olivia Newton-John and John Travolta.  Can you tell which girl is the ham in the family?

Oh yes Grease is back and better than ever, that fluff of a feel good movie will never die and neither will its music.  Remember; "Beauty School Drop Out" ? "Look at me, I'm Sandra Dee" ?


  1. Oh one of my favs!!!! Hopelessly Devoted!


  2. how adorable are they?? i loved dressing up when i was a kid! cute!

  3. I LOVED Grease the movie when I was their age. Hey, I still jam out to it in my car now! lol

    Thanks for reading my blog♥

  4. I'm rooting for you to get a new camera...and soon. Those are AWESOME pics. I love Grease...always have and always will :)

  5. how cute. and i love grease!.. all the singing and dancing!!
    my husband dropped our camera last year and the lens jammed... alas, it was cheaper to buy a new one than get it fixed.

  6. They are adorable...and thank you for stopping by my blog..hey I see you live Bradenton,,I have a friend that goes there every winter and stays with her son,,I will be coming down there this winter,,we just moved to florida and loving it..

  7. so cute! I remember when the original Grease came out and my friends and I danced and acted out all the scenes!
    thanks for the lovely comments on my living room tour - you really made my day! :)

  8. Oh my goodness! How cute are they? Makes me wanna bust out with my VHS tape of Grease now =)

  9. They are adorable :)

    My daughter definitely had her Grease phase too! Countless sleepovers with girls watching the movie and singing along, fun times, I love Grease and I love to sing along :) T.

  10. Those two are so cute! What great images - they look like they are really enjoying those costumes!

  11. Grease is one of my all time favorite cheezeball musicals. It seriously is impossible not to laugh & sing along with every song. Marty was always my favorite character, slightly airhead, slightly far more cunning than anyone gave her credit for lol.

    The girls look adorable, were they just playing dress up or actually performing in a production of Grease? Who did they play?


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