Friday, May 20, 2011

Staying South for the Summer

We have some new neighbors next door to us, a couple of snowbirds who've decided to stay south for the summer. Perhaps they don't mind the Florida heat and humidity ?

This pair of Canadian Geese have taken up residence in our neighbor's pond. It's not a very large pond but these lovely birds don't seem to mind.

To them it's Home Sweet Home, or at least during the daylight hours, at dusk they seem to disappear and I'm not sure where they nest at night. However they are very protective of their "home" and this "outsider" has not been allow to come into the pond. Perhaps with time it will be welcomed but until then it can only watch from the banks of the pond.

A few days ago a flock of these large water birds flew over, there were about 6 of them in all. The flock honked and made quite a racket as, on several occasions, they attempted to land. However the residing Geese couple would not hear of it, they protested loudly and told the flock, in no uncertain terms, to "Get Lost!" I'm sure they realized that their little pond could only accommodate a limited number of water birds and they weren't and aren't willing to share their domain.

Photo below... a pair of duck paddle around the circular pond and are quickly confronted by the possessive Geese.

Hey ! Who invited you ?

No!  This is OUR pond, you two will just have to leave.  Here allow us to escort you to the exit.
Of course the water level in this little pond is starting to drop as we've not had much precipitation in a few weeks. Hope we get some good rains this summer or these two very possessive geese will be waddling in a mud hole rather than wading in a pond.


  1. I love Canada geese :) They remind me of Boston. Still, if I were them, I'd high tail it back north where it's cooler and there's more moisture. Our ponds are drying up too. Where is the rain???

  2. So cool! I love Canadian Geese...they are so pretty!!
    They are very aggressive though and territorial...our local community has a residential community built around a man made lake and you can walk around the lakes on paths. There are permanent ducks and geese and boy if you get a little too close to something the geese consider theirs...lookout..they come "honking" towards you and tell you to get lost!!

    I think it's kind of funny, but I still get out of the way!

    I hope they hang around for lovely to have that close by.
    Nice to see you back on blogger...there was so much mix up last week with all the problems.

    Have a great weekend!

  3. Hey its only fair, I mean the two geese were there first right? They're just protecting their territory! Its a pretty spot too, I can definitely understand why they're protective. I am so jealous of your weather. The sun hasn't come out here in who can remember how long. Sigh. Five weeks & 2 days though until Arizona heat and sun woo hoo!

  4. Oh so cute! I am about a block away from a very large lake - my friend lives in a lake community and has lake rights. Last year we had a momma duck that would not only herd her babies but tried to herd ours as well!! They get very bossy!....and Good God what sort of name did you get??? LOL!!!

  5. I'm a goose-o-phobe. I used to go feed the ducks and the geese would chase me to get my bread--they are so aggressive and scary!

  6. I used to be a fan of Canadian Geese but the population has exploded to the point of saturation thanks to them being on the protected species list and here in the PNW we have large communities of these things EVERYWHERE!!!!! (they now stay permanently and dominate, so annoying)

    Although, these 2 might be overly aggressive right now as it is nesting time and I have seen a few little families with Goslings recently on the local rivers.

    OK, they are cute when they are Goslings :)

    Hope you have a lovely weekend, T. :)

  7. We have small lakes in our neighborhood and the geese, along with their goslings, stroll leisurely along the road and charge you if you get too close. My kids used to be afraid to walk to the pool because of the geese! This pair certainly seems to have found a home.

  8. So cute! We live where there is a TON of water and these guys are everywhere!


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