Monday, July 11, 2011


On a mountain in the state of Vermont rests the farm lands of the blog "Red Pine Mountain". Containing far more acreage than most of us could ever imagine and making my almost 3 acre parcel of land look minuscule in comparison, this bucolic paradise is surrounded by lush forests and dotted with pristine meadows. Red Pine Mountain is home and sanctuary to blogger Sara and her loving mate in life, whom she affectionately calls "Mountain Man". It is also home to Sara’s treasure, a collection of gentle, adorable animals. Sara is an unrequited dreamer and a lover of animals large and small, her menagerie includes horses, dogs and a barnyard of assorted fowl. Each of her gentle creatures displays a unique personality, in much the same way that we humans do, they will both surprise you and make you smile if not laugh.
In this mountain home Sara’s the dreamer but it’s Mountain Man who is her rock, the solidity that allows her to keep her head in the clouds and her feet firmly on the ground, it’s truly a match made in heaven. Together they attempt to salvage an old farm, restore it to its’ past glory and to preserve a way of life that is quickly disappearing.
If you visit Red Pine Mountain, you may witness the miniature horses as they graze in their pasture, leisurely nibbling on the sweet succulent grasses.  Perhaps you’ll spy the antics of Sara’s clever turkeys, guinea hens and assorted chickens, or discover the farm’s latest acquisition such as their new fluffy yellow goslings.
Red Pine Mountain is a blog I love to visit because, for a moment in time, I’m transported to a tranquil oasis, a beautifully verdant retreat where the sky is too blue to believe and the air fresh and fragrant with the perfume of trees, fresh hay and green meadows.
You’re graciously invited to visit as their gate is always open wide and they welcome all who enter there.
If you care to visit there and have not noticed all my highlighted links in my post that would take you to this blog ... or if you would prefer to check it out on your own terms the URL is : 
I'm confident that you'll enjoy the trip.


  1. Sara is living my dream. I hope to make it out to live in the country surrounded by animals someday.

  2. Thank you Anna for such a beautiful write up. You made me cry. Dreams do come true I know that for a certainty and although at times the dreams become lost in a fog, they are always there and then a sweet person comes along, gives us a hand and pulls us back to the light. Thank you.

  3. Thanks for the suggestion, it sounds like a really laid back experience over there! I will be sure to check her out :-)

  4. What a great site...the "green" colors from her photos just pop out at you...gorgeous!!

    Thanks for sharing!

  5. Aw, thank you Sara. I was so afraid that I would not do justice to your lovely blog. :)

  6. Awww now I have to go check this out!!!

  7. Hey there thank you so much for the input and advice on my blog. I didn't see what was posted On the etsy forums after my post but I did end up getting 1 sponsor. So although it was shutdown I was successful ;) your blog is lovely I look forward to reading more! Thanks again! -amanda


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