Thursday, August 18, 2011

Tutorial is on the Drawingboard ...

Recently I asked if there was an interest in my creating an English version of an Hungarian tutorial on the making the beaded Porcelain Pendant.  The requests received may not have been considered a deluge but the enthusiasm that they contained more than made up for the lack of volume.  For these lovely and enthusiastic individuals I will be posting a tutorial on how to fabricate this pendant but, like all tutorials, it will take a bit of time.  I've discovered that the most time intensive part of the tutorials are the photos. In the time it took to photo each step and then edit the photos I know I could have made up a very nice stash of these pendants. 
For those of you who heartily expressed a desire for this tutorial I beg your patience as I put it together.

Today I'll leave you with a little tip that I like and I realize that it is nothing new or Earth shaking but if there is even just one person that reads this and thinks " Hey that's a good idea" ... well then I've accomplish one small miracle called happiness. :)
Almost 10 years ago I discovered some neat picinic plates at my local big box store and I could not help but think how useful they would be for organizing a beading project.  All those cute little dividers to keep the baked beans from running into one's potato salad or retain the coleslaw from merging with Aunt Edna's apple cobbler.

Needless to say I purchased 4 of them and now wish I had purchased at least 4 more.  I find these are the perfect "lap size" and I can use them to bring a project from my craft mess (er I mean room) into the living room where I can watch TV or just be sociable as I bead.   Since the suface of these picnic plates are shiny slick plastic, I use a cloth or a beading mat as a cover so my beads don't roll all over the place. 


  1. Hey, my mom has a few of those! Think I might have to swipe some of them! Great tip.

  2. I'm late to the game, but I'd love to see a tutorial...and then have you make me one :) I'm such a lazy butt when it comes to bead weaving. I love the look but am too lazy to actually execute it!

  3. I love those kinds of trays...I have a couple similar ones in my sewing room...they're great for keeping little odds and ends sorted and organized. :-)

  4. Ladies the best place to buy storage trays for beads is ebay. You can buy 2 big trays with 18 compartments each just for $14.00


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