Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Pigs in a Pen

Not in a million years did I think my fashionista daughter, Kathi, would become a country bumpkin.  Odd how people can and do change.   Kathi, her husband and children have sown a garden for a couple of years now; their menagerie of animals have grown from the standard dogs, cats and guinea pigs to include horses, rabbits and chickens.  And now their youngest daughter, Haley, has joined the local 4 H club, her project is to raise an animal for next local fair.  Her animal is a nice pink, porky pig. 
photo above...Haley's pig, trying to burrow under the lush, grassy weeds.

Haley is in a 4 H partnership with two other children, each has a pig, the pigs are being housed at Haley's as she has the space for them.  Of course the other two children must do their share of caring for, cleaning, and nurturing these future fair animals. 
photo above ... Haley in the shelter of the pig pen shade along with her charge of piggies.  At the moment they would be considered young pigs but should grow and actually triple their weight and size before the day of the fair ... in just 3 short months!

photo above ... It's hard to keep the 3 young pigs together.  Haley's pink pig wandered off to play in the deep grass and now the brown piggy is thinking about do the same.

photo above ... Ah alone at last.  The black and white piggy now enjoys the luxuary of the shade and the cool, moist soil without the other two.

No, never in a million years did I think I'd see the day that my daughter would have pigs in her back yard.


  1. How fun!! I think things like that are a GREAT experience for kids. My grandparents lived out in the country and I used to love visiting them. They didn't have any livestock but neighbors did and I cherish all those times, exploring and playing in barns and with all the animals.

    Cute pics!!

  2. It's funny how we all change. When I was younger I was all about fashion, these days a pair of yoga pants, a soft sweater, and comfortable shoes is all I need. The baby pigs are super cute, I hope you show them to us when they get bigger.
    Everyday Inspired

  3. Love the idea to have some pigs in the garden and I can bet, my niece and my nephew, too. Thank you for joining me. I wish you a nice day, Inge

  4. I think I am similar to your daughter.I was an Urban kid and grewq up in the city.After I fell pregnant at rwaly young age my parents bought ne this organic fruit and veggie garden.Normally I would be grateful for my parents to do such a big investment for me ,but at first at hought of living in a village with 50 people and working the land made me cry for days;)
    Once I smelled the earth and saw my first crop of strawberry..I would never ever want to klive anywhereelse but in the country side:)And my daughter who is now 2 is the happiest child:)

  5. Dzoli thank you for your lovely comment. I am so pleased that you visited my blog and left a comment. It is not every day that I get a visitor from outside of the USA. I was in New Zealand once and it is a gorgeous place, I would definitely like to go back there again.

  6. What a fun project. I hope it turns out to be a positive and fun experience for everyone. My adult children have surprised me on occasion but not with anything like this!

  7. Funny how we change as life goes on! I love the idea of living on a farm, but I think I would have to start slow & get chickens.


  8. So awesome! What a great experience for her! xo style, she wrote

  9. Oh they are sooo piggielicious!!! I am jealous I think they are adorable keep us up to date on their growth!

  10. How lovely to have her very own pigs!! And I have to say they look very beautiful...in a slightly piggish kind of way!!

    I love it that the fashionista turned to pigs!!!



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