Thursday, September 1, 2011

Toadstools and Owl Eyes

Photo above ... We've had a bit of rain and these little toadstools have been popping up all over the yard.  I like the arrangement of these 3 as they appear to be in ascending order.

For the past few days I've been preoccupied with setting up a second etsy shop.  It still has a few things that need to be finished off before I take it from vacation mode to "open for business" and though I would have loved to have opened it up on the 1st day of Sept., it looks like that isn't going to happen.

If any of you have more than one shop and use Paypal I'd love to hear your advice and or suggestions.  I'm wondering if I'll need to toggle back and forth from my two email addresses in order to view orders from a 2nd shop and the Paypay confirmation, that is set up with the email account of my 1st shop ... I know, I said "orders" hopefully this won't just be wishful thinking,  I do have my fingers crossed that there will be orders and lots of them.  :)
Another view of toadstool steps. These are pretty good size, about 4 to 6 inches across.

 I have an ophthalmologist appointment this afternoon so I'm sure I won't be getting a lot done as my eyes will be dilated, I'll look like an owl and most light, even the PC monitor, will be painfully too bright for several hours.  So, for now, I wish each one of you, all of my dearest and best wishes.
And then there was this one ... the outsider.  With its fringed edges it is about as big as it will get and was close to 6 inches across.  At certain times of the year our yard sprouts Fairy Rings, large circles of mushroom/toadstools.   Some say that the rings are formed by fairies and these tiny fantasy creatures gather around to socialize, using the toadstools as their chairs, other say the rings are caused by the fairies dancing around in a circle and where they've danced the mushroom magically grow.  I haven't seen any Fairy Rings this rainy season so perhaps the fairies are holding their get-togethers elsewhere.


  1. I get fairy rings in my yard, too! Love them!

    Congrats on your new shop! Can't wait to see what you are doing!

  2. I love it when those toadstools pop up. When I was a kid, I used to always look underneath to see who lived there. :-) It always makes me think of that when I see them. I like the lonely fringed one...pretty.

    Love that you changed your button to your photo. :-D It makes me smile because I think of your post that went along with it.

    Hope your eye appt went well. I don't like getting my eyes me the willies! Silly I know but true.

  3. So pretty! I've been seeing these guys everywhere. xo style, she wrote

  4. They are popping up here as well. I didn't know that about the fairies! I really like the new avatar and especially like the story that goes with it. You are quite the story teller!!

  5. if i had those growing in my yard my dog would eat them!!


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