Wednesday, February 29, 2012

What's Up with Blogspot Word Verifications ???

Photo above ... Lunch in Lugano Switzerland. 
Me with the long hair and sunglasses, my baby daughter beside me in the gray skirt and my middle daughter across the table from us. Circa 1988

What is up with all of Google's word verifications on blogspot ?  I don't know if there's one on my blog but if there is, I want it gone.
I did a bit of blog reading and found so many blogs now have that double word smear ... er sorry, I mean verification.  Several times my comment was denied as my interpretation of the smudges ... excuse me ... the words ... was incorrect.  What a bother !  When did this take place and why has it taken place ?  Does anyone know? 
Oh and please ... PLEASE ... tell me my blog doesn't require them ... even if you have to lie to me, just tell me they're not really there.

post script ... The story I've been writting now stands at over 69,000 words and 120 pages.  It's close to being finished (excluding a few months for editing, rewriting and constant tweaking) but it still has a chapter or two left before everything's wrapped up.


  1. I know what you mean about those smears! Somedays I get frustrated and give up on trying to leave blog comments.

    Congrats on your book progress!

  2. Captcha is a curse. Songbeads wrote a post on the same topic last week- here is the link:

    What is worse, you have to read and type the smears and then you have to wait until your post is approved. That is overkill.

    I won't lie to you and don't lie to you, but if it is on my blog let me know and I will do my best to figure out how to turn it off and then I will let you know.

    Congratulations on your writing. I was heartened to hear you made progress.

  3. i know....sooooooo irritating!!! i'm not overly adept at deciphering the smears either. i've been having a lot of trouble lately leaving comments on blogs. one reason is due to the smears and then i find i'm having to reload the page again and again to make the comment box even appear. ?!?!?

    not sure if there is a way for us to change it somehow...sure hope there is.

  4. I had the new word verification or what ever it's called. I can never read them and it really frustrating when you have to do it two or three times to leave a comment. It is easy to remove, there is a box to turn it off in your blogs settings.

    Congrats on almost finishing your book, I look forward to hearing about it when you are finished.

    Everyday Inspired

  5. I turned mine off a long time ago. I approve all comments, so if spam misses Blogger's spam filter (and it rarely misses) I can delete. I hate that captcha code.

  6. Yeah I've noticed those appearing everywhere lately too. They're totally annoying and don't help at all when people get frustrated & just navigate away instead of trying multiple times to leave a comment. Robots will eventually figure out how to get around that system too, they really do nothing to help!

    Love the photo, jealous of your worldly travels my friend!

    And holy CROW I'm so excited for you being so close to the end of your book! My best advice I can give you is that the moment you think it is done, it IS done. Put it in a drawer, closet, anything and walk away for at least 3 weeks before trying to edit. You're too close to the characters still & will need a mental shift before you can look objectively at them again. While you break read a bunch that is the polar opposite of your book so you can purge it. Then when you come back you'll be ready to lean into it a little more aggressively. I'm so excited for you and hope you can get it into the world so I can read it soon!!! :-)

  7. Shore Debris - I know what you mean. After so many tries I've had to leave a few blogs without leaving the comment I had wanted to make. I really think Captcha discourages people to leave comments as it is too much of a hassle.

    KJ - Thanks for the link to songbeads. It was interesting to read and nice to know that there are so many others who feel the same dislike for those word verification smudges.

    Meeling - Blogger does seem to throw us a lot of challenges. For almost 2 months I was not receiving email notifications that I had comments to moderate. Then suddenly they started appearing in my email again - received them for a couple of weeks - then it stopped for awhile - and resumed again. Heck I have no idea what caused it or why. lol

    Valerie - Thanks for the good wishes. Still have a ton of work ahead of ... the writing is the easy part, it's the proofing and editing that is going to be a bear. :)

    Lori - I had mine turned off a couple of years ago too. Like you, I figured if I received the comments for moderation anyway then why subject my followers to additional frustrations? Life is far too hectic and has too many aggravations - why compound problems if you don't have to ?

    Jenn - Thanks a ton for your advice. I think it is a great idea to put my writing aside for a time and then come back and read it with fresh eyes and a new perspective.

  8. Hi Anna,

    cute photo :)

    Yep, the word verification has been driving me nuts too! Esp, as I feel really stupid when I have to keep trying to get the right letters, really I am not that blind, I typed what I saw, LOL!!! :)

    I hope it isn't on mine I completely got rid of any kind of word verifications a few months ago but this is different I better go in and check. Blogger can be so annoying sometimes :(

    A massive congrats on the writing, a few chapters to go that is amazing :)

    Take Care, cheers, T. :)

  9. wow so I turn my back for 5 minutes and now you are writing a book? Good for you! What is it about? I hate those word things too. Half the time I just say forget it about the comment cuz they make it so hard to put it up. Why put a blockage in the way of the response? How many robots are out there reading blogs anyway? I don't know a single robot but the blog world thinks they are a force to be reckoned with. Lovely to read you. ta. Plantress

  10. The word verifications make me want to bleed from my eyes - eucalypi plattypus - WHAT ??? It's like a whole secret language and no matter how you try you can't pronounce it!!!


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