Monday, March 26, 2012

FREE SHOP FOR LIFE GIVEAWAY from Handmade Artists Shop

Most of us jewelry makers and designers are familiar with Pearl's blog : A Beading Gem's Journal.
In today"s post Pearl is hosting a fantastic Giveaway for a
Handmade Artists Shop is similar to Etsy only different in the respect that instead of charging a fee to list and a small commission on sales, Handmade Artists Shop offers a flat monthly fee of Not $20 for a premium package or $10 a month for a standard package but $5 dollars for their monthly fees with no listing charge and no commission when the items sells.  What a wonderful concept.  AND NOW GET THIS :  They are offering a giveaway of a lifetime free membership.
To check out their site :  CLICK HERE
And again to enter the giveaway  CLICK HERE


  1. Thanks for posting - I had not yet heard of Handmade Artists Shop and their prices sound reasonable to me! Will be checking that out...


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