Thursday, October 4, 2012

LOL But Not About the Cost of Sterling Silver

Lately I've been busy trying to create and put items into my etsy shop, AlmostPrecious.  I'm reverting back to selling my handcrafted jewelry after having sold supplies for a couple of years.

Some times I can spend days or even weeks designing and fabricating a piece, other times it can go very quickly.  My latest piece was a simple leather choker but I invested a lot of revenue into Sterling Silver beads and findings.  A tiny sterling silver swivel clasp ended up costing me $6 and believe me it is a small clasp. 

When I calculated what I had invested in parts alone I was shocked to see it was over $20 , I would have liked to have listed it for that amount - unfortunately that would be impossible as I would actually end up losing money. :(

The only up side is that I adore the piece.  It is one of those things that makes me smile (just like my little Frog Prince makes me smile). 

Last year I tried to sell another creation of mine.  

The lovely rose quartz heart and heavy sterling silver pendant cost me a good chunk of money when I first purchased it.  Now with today's sterling prices it would cost at least $40 all by itself without a necklace. 
Since it is an Awareness necklace I realize it is directed at a specific buyer - someone who wishes to gift a special friend or relative and let them know how much they admire their courage and strength and determination to battle and survive Breast Cancer. 

 I hope that maybe this October (which is Breast Cancer Awareness Month) that perhaps someone will see it and think; "What a lovely gift to give my - sister - friend- mother- wife."  Or perhaps a wonderful soul who battled the "Big C" herself, will wish to own it to let everyone know that the battle of Breast Cancer is far from over.  Someday there may be a cure but today all we can do is support cancer research and "Hope for a Cure".


  1. I really like the breast cancer one. It's really hard sometimes when we make things and our supplies cost so much, plus then we put our time in to it.

    I think people who really understand "handmade" though know that and especially if it's going for a good cause. :-)

  2. Love the Rose Quartz piece! And you're right that as shop owners we have to look at our potential buyers. I would think the first piece would sell well with a less expensive clasp and findings, but the awareness necklace is for someone who would appreciate the finer details and be willing to pay for them. A market for everything :)

    Thanks for stopping by today!

  3. beautiful post!love everything!such a beautiful necklaces!

  4. I really like the LOL necklace. I could see a teenager wearing it. I would rather pay more for good quality than not. It's too bad so many artists don't price their pieces according to what they are worth. I've never understood how they can afford to loose money in that way.

  5. Both pieces are subtle and adorable! I believe that their beauty will capture the heart of someone, who will also appreciate the quality of the materials you have used :)

  6. Beautiful work. I know what you mean about the cost of materials. I hope someone who admires your work realizes what a wonderful investment they'd be.

  7. Love the sterling and I agree it is a shock how much the price has gone up up up! I am also shocked when I get on Etsy and see something for 2-5 dollars that obviously took some time and construction - how is that even worth it after fees??? Sometimes it is sooo overwhelming but we have to not cheat ourselves and ask for a fair price! It skews everyone shop!

  8. I understand, the cost of silver is crazy, which is one of the reasons when i started my new collection I decided to not use silver. Your LOL necklace is really cool and I'm sure whatever price you have to put on it, it will sell. Your rose quartz necklace is lovely as well and your right it will make a lovely gift.
    Everyday Inspired

  9. I am so stunned by the prices of pretty much everything, they just keep going up and where do they think the money is coming from - (China) LOL!!!

    I do like your work and I completely understand about trying to price items. When I knit a scarf, I never charge for my time I only cover the cost of the yarn and the Etsy fees, I figure I sit in front of the TV anyway so why not knit. But I do wish I could make a little.

    I hope you sell your Breast Cancer Awareness beauty this month.

    Have a lovely weekend, cheers, T. :)

  10. Passei, vi, li e gostei muito do seu blog. Parabéns pelo conteúdo... Aguardo sua cordial visita ao meu blog;

  11. Thank you so much for visiting and following my humble blog and for your kind comments about my photography! I'm following you now as well and look forward to seeing more of your beaded creations. Beading is addicting isn't it? I hope to get my Etsy shop back up and running soon. :)

  12. Anna, I just love the LOL necklace, So creative and fun!

  13. I've always loved your work and let me tell you that if I were a wealthy woman I'd be buying out your stock of everything! Your jewelry is exactly the type of pieces I love wearing - bold but delicate. Love the pendant too, fingers crossed it sells this month :-)


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