Monday, October 1, 2012


There is an advantage to living in a deed restricted neighborhood; one doesn't have to worry about have a lime-green and puce house built, smack, dab in the middle of your block.  When we had our modest, little home built, there was a home being constructed up the street and sort-of around the corner from us.  As it progressed, their immediate neighbors gasped in wonder and then, when it was painted, they gasped in shock.

We laughingly call it, "The Pink Pagoda".  From the back it doesn't look too obnoxious, especially surrounded by all the lush vegetation.  It even seems to fit in with the tranquil pond that skirts the back of its property.

However from the front, the street side of this residence . . . totally different story.  No one understands why they decided to place the large, flat side of their multi-car garage, across their front yard.  There it looms like an immense hot pink wall.  I really had to wonder "What were they thinking?"


I'm sure there must be a story behind it, as to why the Oriental touches, why have that large blank wall facing out towards the rest of the neighborhood ... and why they chose hot-passion-neon pink !  A brothel perhaps ?


  1. Oh my, that is quite the pink house! I'd be interested in the story too!

  2. I love seeing buildings like this that just stick out a mile and make you just wonder 'whyyyyyy?!!' We have one in a town near us that is bright pink in a street full of normal houses! So funny!


  3. It is kind of weird to have the back of the garage facing the street. Pink is a odd color for a house, but I am sure it means something to the people who live inside.
    Everyday Inspired

  4. Anna, I know the neghborhood might not be so happy, but I love this building. Just because it is like this huge Pepto Bismol pink!!

  5. Ana of IntrovertedArt - The front would be a little more acceptable if there were some pretty trees and shrubbery to soften the starkness of that massive wall.
    But I must admit that when I viewed the home from the rear of its property I found myself appreciating it more.

  6. Lol! That's quite the color choice & I like color but wow!

    Perhaps a few trees and shrubs to soften the glow!!

  7. Frankly, I like a nonconformist approach, maybe because I'm not always as bold as I wish to be and I appreciate that in others :) But you're right about the side facing the street -shows total inconsideration for the neighbors.

  8. Wowza...maybe they're trying to blend east & west design styles? I don't know but that house certainly wouldn't be where anyone in witness protection is going to hide out lol

  9. Unusual! Color and choice of placing the garage. But pink is better than a loud shrill glary green house I know in a nearby village. Every time we drive by I think that color must habe beeb for sale or for free.

  10. I could almost deal with the pink but that big flat wall facing the street is obnoxious! OY!!!

  11. Pink is my fav. colour, LOL!!! :)

    That is a weird design, I'm with Annette, I would love to know the story too! :) T.


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