Thursday, September 27, 2012

Frog Prince

Yes, this was yet another project.  It started out as something to place into my friend's little gallery shop but then she said business had been really slow and she hadn't had any sales for several weeks.  In other words; she didn't need any more inventory.  I truly understood and could empathize as my own tiny etsy shop, AlmostPrecious,  been has languishing in a purgatory of loneliness.  Views are waaaay down and I've not made a single sale since I switched from selling my destash supplies back to handcrafted jewelry.
When I first saw these adorable pewter frog beads I instantly thought of fairytales and frogs who were really  princes under a witches wicked spell.   Well what can I say, other than I love fairytales and fantasies.  :) 
I went ahead and created the little frog necklace using some of my hand braided kumihimo braid and used sterling silver coil ends, extender chain and a very long, heavy weight headpin with one gorgeous clover shaped head on it.  The heavy weight headpin was long enough for me to wrap it into a 2 loop bail ... a bail large enough to slide over my kumihimo cord.  For convenience to the wearer I splurged on a sterling silver, swivel clasp.  Perhaps I over spent in supplies but I did want to make this piece special.
Photo above - back of necklace showing extender chain and swivel clasp.
Photo below - showing the elaborate head of the heavy weight sterling headpin. 


The matching earrings also feature that cute little frog bead and my own handcrafted earring hooks (fashioned out of 20 gauge, 925% sterling silver wire).  Each hook is embellished with a glass flower bell bead and a Swarovski crystal. 


Again, perhaps I over spent on my supplies but I think somethings are just worth it.   How about you?  How do you feel about this?  Do you think most people would rather purchase a piece that used highend supplies and pay a little more for it, or would they perfer to save money and purchase something that uses economical supplies but will probably not look as nice or last quite as long?

Footnote - Is it just me or has Blogger been obnoxious today?  It is stopping me every few seconds to save text, down loading photos was a hassle and inserting URL links had to be done manually (which was a royal pain) as the pop-up was not working as it should. 
PS - Not sure that the links are functioning as I tried one and got an error page.  Oh Blogspot why dost thou constantly break my heart? :(


  1. Your frog necklace and earring are fun and whimsical! It's a tough call on the supplies. I think their is a customer for both the high end and the low end. In the end make what makes you happy and charge what you need for all the work you put into creating your fun pieces.

    Everyday Inspired

    PS. Your link to your shop is working, but not the one for the necklace. I hate it when blogger is in a mood.

  2. The cost/selling price equation is something everyone seems to struggle with. I see items that I think are underpriced not selling, and the opposite is true, pieces that seem overpriced that are sold the next day. I guess Valerie's advice is apt: you may as well make the things YOU enjoy, because figuring out what others will buy is a crapshoot. I see you had lots of Etsy sales in the past and great feedback, so obviously you were on the right track, Anna Maria!

    I've had the photo-uploading issue in the past when I had a huge blog post to do (figures, right?) I left Chrome and opened a browser with IE, imported all my photos into the draft, saved and went back to Chrome to do my text insertions (it's faster). I've occasionally gotten the "failed to publish" warning even when I hadn't yet hit the PUBLISH key! Yes, Blogger needs an attitude adjustment sometimes LOL.

  3. Yep, I think blogger was having problems today, I couldn't even log on earlier :(

    Your work is so intricate and we love froggies in our house :)

    I really think the answer to your question boils down to subjectivity. I personally like to buy good quality items and am prepared to pay for that but then again I do not buy very much but treasure the items I do purchase forever. I think the people who buy a LOT of jewelry, like reasonably priced items because it is more of a fashion statement so most probably aren't as concerned with overall quality.

    Just my opinion, of course, no research behind that, LOL!!! :)

    Have a lovely Day, cheers, T. :)

  4. I almost always buy the best supplies I can. If I need to charge for my time people want something well made with fine ingredients. Plus better parts results in pieces that wear better and feel richer in the hand.

  5. Ah, I love this froggy set, it's adorable! I definitely prefer paying a little more for pieces that use high-end supplies, otherwise they could look tacky, and not even last very well.

  6. I have tried to fix the links and have my fingers crossed that this time it works. :)

    I am enjoying reading your comments, it is really informative and proves that some things are not always black or white but many shades of gray.

  7. That's beautiful, Anna Maria! And a beautiful set with both items not being absolutely the same. Your links are working now. About the supplies - I'd prefer to use highend supplies but since I don't sell yet, I save them for close friends :)

  8. That's such a clever idea! I love it!

  9. Love the frogs! Yes, Blogger has some teething issues with whatever new changes they implemented. These are causing problems including messing up my template. :-(

  10. Anna, I love this. the color is so pretty and bright.

  11. Oh I love the little frogs! They're fantastic! (And blogger was giving me fits, too.)

  12. Well seems that the consensus is that Blogger has been moody recently. Could be caused by little glitches from all the changes that they've been instigating. Change is good, I suppose, and when all the bugs and kinks are worked out we will all enjoy the upgrades ... until it's time for more upgrades and improvements. LOL

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  14. love this things!the necklace is amazing!new follower!

  15. The frogs are just adorable!
    When I have money to spend, I tend to buy the best quality I can afford. I would rather have great quality and have it last, then having something cheap that falls apart in no time.

  16. So cute!!! I definately think there are different kinds of buyers I now have 2 different lines one Brass and resin lower priced items and one higher end lampwork and ceramic. There is an audience for both and sometimes one leads to the other. IE when a little girl wants a small pair of earrings and goes to get her mom who wants something higher end! win/win


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