Friday, September 14, 2012

Getting Projects off the Back Burner

I haven't been blogging much lately nor have I been on line much either.  For my own lack-luster blogging performance I offer no apologies, however I do apologize for my lapse in visiting the wonderful blogs of so many of my favorite bloggers.

The last few weeks I've focused upon trying to complete several projects that have been gathering dust, along with neglect, on my work table.  The Kitty Cat earrings pictured were one of many such projects.

My youngest daughter, Wendi, loves cats and has her own BFFF (best feline friend forever).  Her cat, Mimi, knows who is boss around Wendi's home and that boss is Mimi.   So when I saw these adorable kitty cat bead caps I thought of Wendi and had to purchase them.   I already had the lovely faceted amethyst beads for their bodies and a strand of size 4 mm round amethyst beads, which I used
to embellish my handmade hook earrings.   I must admit that the large, faceted beads are synthetic amethyst that has been created in a lab, it has all of the properties of real amethyst but cost a lot less - real amethyst of this size and quality would have cost me a few hundred dollars!
These are going in a drawer until Christmas.  Hope she will like them, though maybe Mimi might get a bit jealous as she thinks Wendi should be a one cat woman.


  1. Lol! I'm sure she will love them. Handmade gifts are always the best.

    Nice to see you around blogland again!! :-D

  2. Oh how cute those are! I admit I'm not a cat person but those are just adorable...she'll love them! I have projects piling up in the sewing room. I just feel so overwhelmed when I go in there, so I turn around and leave. I have to make Shylee's jacket though, so maybe this weekend!

  3. The kitty earrings are so cute! I am sure you daughter will love them.
    Hope all is well,
    Everyday Inspired

  4. Those are wonderful. They would be enjoyed by any cat lover and your daughter will be delighted that you made them for her.

  5. I know I have been struggling with keeping up with my blogging friends too. The earrings are beautiful and I know she will love them

  6. Oh Anna, they are so cute. I can list at least 5 friends who would love this little piece of art.

  7. Eep! I LOVE these, they are brilliant! I love cats too; if you pop by my blog, you'll easily see that it is so :)

  8. Simply beautiful! Love the amethyst but also love the bead caps - this type are so fun to work with. Glad to hear you're trying to revive old projects - I love a finished old project. Looking forward to it :)

  9. These are gorgeous!!! :)

    What a wonderful gift for your daughter :)

    You are so ahead of the game with your Xmas prezzies :)

    Mimi, might take a liking to them too! :)

    Have a lovely week, cheers, T. :)


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