Monday, September 17, 2012

Bollywood and Back-Burner Projects

 Making some Christmas gifts have been on my back burner for awhile now.  A few weeks ago I took a Kumihimo class to learn how to braid these lovely, embellished Bangle Bracelets.  It was a class that started at 10 AM and lasted until 3 PM and I went away with a partially completed bangle.  I'm sad to say that first bangle came apart on me and I had to make it over, but by then I had learned a few tricks and knew what I was trying to accomplish.  My second attempt came out stronger and prettier.  The class teacher called this bangle, "Bollyood" as she said it reminded her of the lush, vivid colors popular in India.  I have to concur.


I haven't yet decided if this "Bollywood" bangle is going to my daughter, Kathy, or my granddaughter-in-law, Marci.  I have another bangle almost done, its colors are in yellow-gold and peridot green.  The third bangle is still a pile of beads and a skein of silk cord. 
Are any of you involved in creating Christmas gifts at the moment ?


  1. Very interesting looking - I like how it's different. I'm sure your handmade gifts will be well loved.

    I've officially bought one Christmas gift (it was handmade - tho not by my hands) I have about a bazillion things pinned on Pinterest that I plan to make, but we'll see how many I actually get around to.

  2. Meeling, it is so easy to get carried away with "things I want to make". Sort of like going to a buffet table and wanting a sample of everything . . . pretty soon my plate is overflowing with far more than I could ever eat in one meal. lol

  3. I love bangles and yours is very striking. I love the colors and textures. It looks like it would be fun to wear. Sounds like your class was fun, I love taking classes when I have time. Good for you for starting on your Christmas gifts, I have not even thought about it yet.
    Everyday Inspired

  4. I know just what she means - it *does* look like it would be right at home in glamorous and gorgeous! You are uber-talented!


  5. This is beautiful, Anna! And the vibrant colors somehow make you feel happy :) I had plans for Christmas that involved a new craft, sort of, but am far from the starting point :(

  6. Anna, I love the name of the piece and love the colors. It could not been more perfect. India inspires me daily and your bangle is as vibrant :)

  7. Oh I love that! What great colors.

  8. That's and incredibly beautiful bracelet! It just makes me happy looking at it!
    I have been thinking about what I can make for Christmas but haven't decided on anything yet. Guess I need to do that!

  9. O wow, this is stunning -- so festive and exotic! P.S. do drop by my blog today for a little surprise for you! Have a super lovely day :)

  10. Oh gosh, I don't think I'll be thinking about Christmas for a long while yet. Probably because it barely even feels like fall here - still 100 during the day, upper 70's at night - so considering anything in winter is the furthest thing from my mind!

    Beautiful bracelet!!! Your bead work always fascinates me. Aptly named too!

  11. I LOVE the colours in your bracelet, I am sure any of your "Girls" will be thrilled to receive it :)

    Please, slow down on the Xmas prezzie making, you are starting to make me feel bad, I haven;t really thought about it yet :( LOL!!!!

    Have a lovely week, cheers, T. :)

  12. Simply spectacular. I hope you'll be making more so we can admire them.


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