Wednesday, November 7, 2012

A Stroll Down Chalk Boulevard

As I begin to type up the next installment of the Sarasota Chalk Festival, I look out upon a gray, dark and rainy day.  Today is the last day of the festival and hopefully this bit of rain is very localized and doesn't carry southward to the city of Sarasota where it could render the chalk paintings a murky mess.

The chalk festival featured both 2D and 3D art work and I soon learned that perspective (where the viewer was actually standing) made all the difference.  Unfortunately, due to the crowd, the most desirable perspective was not always readily available.  I truly envied the event photographers who had unlimited access to ladders, scaffolding and "straight-on-frontseat-center" viewing advantages.  I am looking forward to viewing their professional photographs.

The photo at the top of this post is (I think) a 2D painting.  It is an imaginative one, as were most, featuring a circus performer atop the arena, her foot disappearing through a hole in the top of the  roof . . . and then reappearing at the bottom of the painting through a hole that the blue-chalk "artist" is busy sketching.

Below is whimsical work of 3D chalk art.
And below is what I think could be called 2D art.

Wish I could have been able to take advantage of the ladder used by the event's professional photographer  . . . or that I was another foot or two taller.   But anyway the above photo is my ground-level perspective . . . all 4 ft. 11 inches of me.  :D

Below is a nice example of the 3D art.  The toys are all rather shabby and are laying at the bottom of what appears to be one of those "Grab a Prize" machines that you see at carnivals and amusement parks.

Bottom photo shows how the "grabber" really pops and stands upright in clear 3D definition . . . especially visible with the people in the background.

There are more photos of this year's festival in my photo files but as I mentioned in another posting, I don't want to flood you with a bunch of my mediocre pictures.   If any of you are interested in reading more about the Annual Sarasota Chalk Festival their website is :



  1. Really cool pics!!! Kinda sad that all that work goes into them and they are impermanent. Talk about a lesson in Buddhism. It's like those sand painting mandalas that the monks painstakingly make and then destroy.

  2. I think your photos came out great. I kind of feel bad for the forgotten and broken down grab-machine toys. How sad to be left at the bottom of the pile :-( Amazing artwork, thanks for sharing so many beautiful pieces before any drops of rain fell to wash them away!

  3. That really is amazing, what they can do, isn't it?

  4. I love seeing these pictures and, for me, you couldn't show too many! They are so fascinating and I'd give anything to see them in person!

  5. Again, these are amazing! What about the 3Ds - do you have the feeling you can actually touch them (or fall down the hole) when you're close? Because this is what I feel looking at pictures :)

  6. I LOVE these chalk drawings :)

    I marvel at the skill involved and the work only to have them washed away, how brave :)

    Have a lovely day, cheers, T. :)

  7. Wow, how cool. I love chalk art, hopefully one day I will be able to see some pieces in person.
    Thanks for sharing your adventure.
    Everyday Inspired


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