Wednesday, November 14, 2012


Photo above is a lovely example of the 3D artist's ability to create realism and the perception of depth.  The birds actually seem to be flying out of the painting.
Please note to view a bigger and better picture just click on any of the photos.
Today I have an appointment with my ophthalmologist for a yearly eye exam.  Though the procedure is painless it has that annoying aftermath of leaving me with owl eyes from having had my eyes dilated and of course things like sunlight and any bright light is intolerable.  Therefore I decided to post my last photos of the Sarasota annual Chalk Festival, before my appointment and while my eyes are not super sensitive to light.

Photos above and below are truly whimsical. I loved the juxtaposition of having the lion being the psychoanalyst listening intently to his animal tamer patient.

The photo below was an interactive piece where a person can sit within the painting and look  as though they are a part of it.  Unfortunately there was no one volunteering for the seat of honor when I snapped this picture and just as unfortunately there was a large  tripod, with a profession camera mounted to it, that blocked the "sweet spot" for my taking photos.  Even from this slightly off center viewing position, one can see how the troup of acrobats appear to stand up and out of an otherwise flat  painting
Lastly my favortie, not because it was more creative or bigger, brighter or even better than any of the other works of street chalk art but simply because the bright red nose on the circus clown stood out proud and loud . . .  even if I stood slightly off center. 

Don't know about you but I'm now in the mood to go see a circus.  :D 


  1. They are so amazing :)

    I'm most probably sounding like a broken record but I am in awe!!! :)

    Hope the eye doc. app. goes well :)

    My son is interning at an arena where the circus just passed thru. Not very impressed with the smells he had to deal with all week or the mice in his office afterwards, LOL!!! :)

    Have a lovely Wednesday, cheers, T. :)

  2. The posts about street shalk art were such fun! Thank you! Good luck with the opthalmologist!

  3. Great pics! Hope your eyes are OK. Comedian Brian Regan does a hilarious bit about going to the eye doctor. I would end up giggling at my appointments, but fortunately my eye doc saw the routine too so he knew why I was laughing.

  4. I am still amazed at those. The all look like they are real and jumping off the pavement. The colors too are amazing.

  5. I have so enjoyed these photos. Thank you so much for sharing them. I'm in awe of the incredible talent the artists have.

  6. They are amazing! I really don't know how the artists do it.

  7. Somehow I think I missed this one - so cool!

    I love the lion sitting in the DR's chair!! Too funny.

  8. I understand about being offline a little. I confess these days sans internet were refreshing and necessary. Take your time... relax. We will be patient :)

  9. This is so wonderful, I think these are amazing I have no idea how they're done! I think it's completely understandable to be offline every now and then it's good for you :)


  10. I'm always blown away the talent of these artists of 3D Chalk Art! Love the circus theme and thanks for sharing!

    Stopping by from EBT!


  11. I can't believe all of that art was done with chalk. It's amazing!

  12. Those are incredible! I really love the one with the acrobats in a circle.

    Stopping by from the Etsy Blog Team!

    - Ashley

  13. Anna, hope to see you back soon. Happy new year!


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