Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Fe - Fi - Fo - Fum

Yeah I admit it, I've been grumpy lately. Grumpy might be putting it mildly, perhaps more like Oscar the Grouch on steroids.
Recently I realized it is more than just being grumpy. I find that I don't want to go anywhere, do anything, see anyone or talk with anyone. Nothing seems to make me happy and even things I normally enjoy doing aren't giving me pleasure. If I were a turtle I'd swim to the bottom of the deepest pond, settle down into its soft, muddy bed, tuck my head inside my shell and remain there for as long as possible.
Also the fact that my hubby was recently diagnosed with prostate cancer has definitely contributed to my lackluster spirit. So yes, grumpy is now beginning to look a lot like depression. Fortunately my hubby is basically in good health and the cancer is in its first stage. According to the urologist it is a very slow growing cancer, so John is a prime candidate for low dose chemo therapy, which minimizes the side affects and damage to nearby healthy tissue. He will begin treatment in March and will have to have low dose radiation treatments daily for nine weeks.
Hopefully my mood will improve soon - if not I guess I'll need to see my doctor or a therapist . . . or both! Until then please do be patient with me and forgive me for my "downer" blog postings. I realize that 99.9% of blog readers want a happy, chirpy post, full of motivation and inspiration and though I must admit I have never been a constantly perky, perpetually cheery individual, I have never been this down for this long.

Wishing you all well and wishing you happiness.


  1. So very sorry to hear about your husband. Hopefully, he will beat this battle, and you will get out of your grump slump. :)


  2. Oh Anna , my heart goes out to you. I suffered really bad depression 2 years ago and I had to be on medication. I understand what you are going through and wish you speedy recovery. watching comedy helps a great deal, try it.it sure is better than going on antidepressants. tight hugs....wish i post you roti.

  3. Mandy - Thank you for the kind wishes. I do like your clever terminology; "Grump Slump", very appropriate.

    Chelsea - Enjoyed your blog and I wish that rotis could be delivered in e-correspondence. A juicy, tasty, spicy roti would definitely help lift my spirits. I can prepare the meat curry but it's making the roti wraps that I haven't figured out how to do. Making them with flour tortillas just isn't the same - it needs the flavor and texture of the ground, split peas.
    I wish you a happy Fat Tuesday - don't drink too many rum and colas !

  4. You do not have to be happy and chipper for me! I know I haven't been around much but I know this is hard for you! I am sending you all the hugs I can. Depression sucks but there are times when it is necessary. You know all you have to do is message me and I will let you vent all you need!

  5. Oh Anna, so sorry to hear about your husband. I understand how stressful that must be for you. Sometimes life just gets overwhelming and we kind of shut down. I think most of us have been there at one time or another. Do things that make you happy!! Even if maybe you don't want to at first, sometimes once we start doing something enjoyable it can really change our mood.

    A good friend of mine's husband went through this last year and I know how hard it was on her. Try and have a good support system around you - that can make a world of difference. Her husband ended up needing surgery followed by treatment, but now thankfully is back to normal and back to work.

    I will keep you both in my thoughts and prayers.

  6. I'm so sorry, and I hope you feel better. I say it's better to post honestly than the happy when your not type of posts, but I understand too. I've been struggling a lot lately, and I feel like I can't say it either. So *hugs* to you! And best wishes for your husband!

  7. Anna, I am sorry to hear about your husband, and I wish him well through his treatment. I hope you are able to get out of your slump and be happy again soon. I know it's hard but when you are ready you will simile again.
    Everyday Inspired

  8. Anna, thank goodness your husband's cancer is only stage 1. I'm still sorry the two of you will have to go through the chemo and radiation though. Not fun.
    I have been depressed, on meds, and seen a therapist. It all helped a great deal. I learned great coping mechanisms that I can use now when I feel myself heading in that direction. I hope you're feeling back to your old self soon. XO

  9. I hope you find what you need soon.

  10. Doctors can help, you know :) And I wish they help both you and your husband. Since he's going to need you, maybe you have to see your doctor/therapist as soon as possible - like mentioned by Annette above, this should improve your situation a lot. Even people that are used to cope with all kinds of issues by themselves have to consult a specialist once in a while :)

  11. Take heart! It will pass. Prostate cancer is one of the ones with the highest odds so just baby him through the treatment!

  12. Oh no! I'm so sorry to hear of your husband's health issues and your depression. :( Hang in there and I hope things turn around for you soon.

  13. Anna, so sorry to hear about John's health issues, I hope he does well with his treatments.

    There is nothing like seeing someone you love having to face health challenges and deal with them yourself to create a cauldron of emotions; be gentle with yourself, it is only human to save your energy for what is needed :)

    Chirpy you do not have to be with us :)

    Take care my dear and sending you positive energy, cheers, T. :)


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