Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Since I posted the photo of this little fellow I thought I should follow through and give some information about him or her.

It was back in December and my daughter was here enjoying time away from New York city and absorbing some of our warmer weather.  We spotted the little creature meandering across our driveway and naturally (being the annoying paparazzi that we are) we ran to get our cameras.

Little turtle was trying to find it way back to the sanctuary of our neighbor's pond.
Of course in the photo above the level of the pond was down because it had been awhile since we had a good, hard rain.  Naturally the water level fluctuates and below is a photo of how the pond looked when Tropical Storm Issac can roaring through.
You can tell that the pond's center island has shrunk considerably, what you can not see is that somewhere along the fence line is a shallow gully where Little Turtle can slip in and out of.  Unfortunately Little Turtle often has trouble remembering just where that shallow gully is and that's what happened on this bright and sunny day in December.

Little Turtle had lost its way and was wandering further from the safety of its pond.

We let it roam around a bit, hoping  that eventually it would find the entrance back to our neighbors pond but in the end my daughter took pity on the moss covered little creature, she carried it over to the fence line and directed it to the gully where it could return to its home.  Wish I had taken some photo of Little Turtles rescue but, alas, I did not.


  1. Looks like a big turtle to me! So cute! So happy to hear of her rescue too! :D I love happy endings.

  2. Good job, wildlife rescuers! Your place is so amazing with all these wild creatures in the vicinity! I recall seeing once some deer early in the morning but it was when I visited the US long ago and still suffered from jet lag :)

  3. How fun! My boys would be all over that if they found it in our yard, except they'd be wanting to keep it as a pet!

    Glad it found it's way back to it's home. :-)

  4. Aw, the sweet little thing does look rather sad and lost -- so kind of you to help :)

  5. I am so glad you saved the little turtle and got it back to it's home. I always feel bad when I see animal stranded some place and just trying to get home.
    Everyday Inspired

  6. I love that you called yourselves the paparazzi :-) This little guy is so cute! Have you seen him escape again since this time? I hope your weather is getting nice down there now, been keeping an eye on FL ever since my best friend moved to the state and luckily I haven't seen any hurricane warnings or otherwise for you guys recently. A good thing! Take it easy my friend!

  7. Little Turtle sure had an adventure but his might need a map next time, LOL !!! :)

    Great story, fun pics :) T.


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