Monday, October 27, 2014

The Start of a Vision

Back on October 16th I posted this photo of a dead Florida Slash Pine.  For 7 years I passed this ghost of a tree and promised that someday I would bring my camera and brave traffic to capture a shot of it.  I had a plan, an ultimate image in mind, but sadly the years went by and each time I drove past the corpse of this ancient tree I found myself without camera.

Finally one day I actually drove home, got my camera, returned to where the tree was, braved crossing a very busy street and started to take photos.  Drat it All!  I had left home with my camera but failed to retrieve the photo memory card that was still embedded in my computer! 
So back home I drove.  Unlocked the door to the house, rushed into my office-den-studio-hobby-workroom, removed the memory card from my computer,  inserted it into my camera and then rushed back to where the tree, unconcerned about my trials and tribulations, was patiently waiting. 

Eventually I took several different photos from several different angles and locations, even crossed the busy street yet again in order to get photos from the backside of the tree.  That last part was not such a good idea as the vacant lot was overgrown with brush and weeds and full of sand burs.
I ended up with those thorny stickers on my tennis shoes, my socks, the hem of my skirt and even on the underside of my skirt . . . which I discovered uncomfortably later, when I went to sit down in the seat of my car and felt pin like jabs at the back of my knees.
But it was worth it.  I at last had the photos that for 7 long years I had yearned to capture.  I chose the one with the best angle and did some cropping and editing but I think you can see where I'm going with this.

Please stay tuned to see the vision I've held so dearly for over 7  years . . .


  1. Good for you! We've been longing to take a picture of a Black Sea beach from a high spot for even longer but the road is winding and narrow so we never stopped. When we finally did last year (it was out of season, so no big traffic) we realized the trees had grown very tall and hid the view!

  2. Bairozon, yes unforntunately we have all done that. Let time go by without doing things that our hearts tell us it wants us to do. Then when we finally get around to doing it - it is too late.

  3. I love office-den-studio-hobby-workroom. *LOL* And that tree looks fabulous. Glad you finally took soome pics. Can't wait to see more.

    1. Kokopelli - I love your crotchet work, you're a genius with the crotchet hook. :)
      Yes, LOL, my room has many names and serves many purposes. :D

  4. I am the poster child for 'I'll get a picture of it/go there eventually' and then blowing it. When I think of the 12 years I lived in WA and didn't do/see half of what I should, I could absolutely cry. I tried to cram everything in the last 6 months I lived there and only managed a quarter of the things I wanted to do/see/take pics of.

  5. Alas, this seems to be a trait of humanity, JoJo. We are all guilty as charged. :)
    Maybe this is why so many people have started making "bucket lists". Wow, if I sat down and wrote mine out, it would fill a book !

  6. You've inspired me to go get those photos I keep thinking about getting! Can't wait to see your vision.

  7. I feel a spooky post coming! those stickers look mighty uncomfortable! ouch!

  8. Hi A. :)

    Ouch! Sorry you had to go thru so much pain to get your shots but I think you have officially joined the "do anything for the shot" club, lol :)

    I LOVE the shots you captured :)

    Hope the next time you go out it isn't so painful :)

    Have a lovely week, cheers, T. :)

  9. lol AntiquityTravelers was right!! And don't you hate when you forget the memory card. I do that more often than I care to admit. ;)


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