Wednesday, October 29, 2014


So now you see, dear readers, the old skeleton pine that once stood against a crystal blue sky has become a Demon Tree.  
 In the evil darkness of moonless nights the Demon Tree, though dry and dead, captures the souls of any being that might foolishly wander a bit too close.  Its limbs, like snakes, reach down to ensnare its unsuspecting victim, while its roots suddenly emerge from the pliant earth like tentacles, grasping their prey and pulling them down, down, down into the earth around it.  Any scream is quickly silenced by the soft sandy soil that lies beneath its roots.    
Then savagely  . . . it devours them.  Human flesh and blood and bones and the very essence of living spirit, gone within a few torturous seconds.  Only the soul remains, forever trapped within the Demon Tree.  Unable to see the light of day or tell their loved ones what befell them, they languish within the old, dead skeleton of a tree. In the evil darkness of moonless nights one can hear the low moans and groans of those lost souls whispering in the wind.  But beware ! Should you hear these whispers dare not venture too close to see from whence they came, lest you should become the next lost soul of  . . . The Demon Tree.  
Happy Halloween Everyone


watch out for . . . 
The Demon Tree
Bwaa-haa-haa-haa !


  1. Dear Lord, another reason I won't be about on That Night LOL I'll stick to causing diabetes in neighborhood children!

  2. SCARY!!!!!!!! Great little story!

  3. So perfect for Halloween, and I love it! It's the perfect tree for your story and the perfect story for your tree! Well done, Anna :-)

  4. A fun post for Halloween! That is a very cool looking tree. Perfect as a black and white image. Great shot!

  5. ah ha! I knew it was going to turn into a dark and stormy night :) ... great story

  6. Yes, this is the right picture for your scary story :) And it looks like it's on the watch out for the next unsuspecting victim - frozen like a hunting dog :)

  7. Perfect timing for your story. And now I'm glad our Trunk-or-Treating is being indoors this year (for fear of snow that's been predicted in the broadcast). ;)


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