Thursday, December 15, 2011

Bouncing Beads -

A tiny drop out of my hoard of beads.

It's the Holiday Season and most of us are in over our heads with cooking, cleaning, shopping, wrapping and wonderful guests.  My lovely daughter is home for the Christmas Holidays and I intend to enjoy every second of her visit.  I  pray that each and every one of you are enjoying this very special season regardless of your beliefs or traditions.  And to those of you who have dropped me from your following blog list ... well what can I say except that you were waiting for the perfect opportunity to dump me anyway, so let it be my Christmas gift to you.  :D
Going back through the history of this blog I came across an old post that was never posted, not sure why, perhaps I simply forgot about it.  As I read it I had to admit it is as relevant now as it was in 2009.  So I've added a few photos of a small sampling of my bead inventory to spice it up a bit.
Turquoise goes with everything !

I suppose I could have started this blog with bead history and information regarding beads, either beads in general or specific. But there are so many sites on that already and one can google info on just about anything they wish to know about these wondrous little beauties. Everything from about how they are made to patterns that use them; from sizes and shapes to country of origin its all been researched before...or copied and pasted...have you ever noticed how info on a subject can be almost word for word the same on a number of websites? Its almost as if they all went to the "Master Wikipedia" and copied and pasted the text onto their own site!

Being a beader and jewelry maker I’m an avid fan of those lovely little things...just wish I didn’t have to spend so much time on my hands and knees on the floor looking for them.
They have an uncanny ability for momentum, rolling off my worktable and bouncing a great distance away or catapulting like an acrobat off the end of a beading needle or, heaven forbid, cascading in perfect unison off the end of my beading thread or cable and scattering to far
corners of the room.
A few months back I managed to drop a whole storage bin of tiny, 3 mm Czech glass beads. There were 10 strands of loose beads in that container, each strand had contained, approximately, 200 beads...2,000 tiny, translucent, pale blue beads...can you picture it ? I spent hours looking for those little buggers and now, even months later, I’ll come across one hiding in a corner or under my chair or even on top of something. They’ll suddenly appear in places that I’m certain I’ve checked and it’s got me believing in the "black hole theory". You see, there are these little black holes everywhere, even here on earth, and objects are sucked into them, they work their way through the worm hole and days, weeks, months or even years later come out the other side in a totally different location. This explains the phenomena of lost keys, sunglasses, disappearing socks (black holes must love washers and dryers) and of course vanishing tiny, little beads !
Love these baby-pink, Ceylon  size 8/0 glass seeds by Miyuki Delica.


  1. Oh my goodness, I love the luscious colors of those beads! I use those tiny beads in my projects, and I am forever dropping them and finding them no where near where I was sitting. I totally believe in your black hole theory!!

  2. I Think it is little pixies myself (He! He!) For me it is bad enough dropping a box of fine dressmaking pins but at least I can use a magnet to pick them up, oh beads, that would be a whole other story, I most probably would end up vacuuming them all up in total frustration :(

    Love the colours too! :) T.

  3. Vacuum the beads up using a stocking over the vacuum hose. Turn off the vacumm while the hose is over a box or something else to catch the beads. You still may need to sort through the dust bunnies, but it is a bit easier than trying to pick them up one by one.


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