Monday, December 19, 2011

It's Beginning to Look a Lot Like Christmas ...

This year, for the first time in many years,  I actually sprinkled some Christmas decorations around my house instead of just slapping up our tiny 38" fiber optic, plastic tree and calling it "done".  In so doing I must admit my blog was put on a back burner and left to simmer without much stirring.  However I accomplished a number of items on my "Christmas to do List", one of which was to install an address list and labeling program on my PC.  Naturally being techno-challenged I had to call on my hubby several dozen times and it took us both about 3 days to install it and figure out how to use it.  Then it took me another 3 days to type in my complete address list.  I could have addressed the envelopes by hand a lot quicker but it is finally done and next year should be a snap to run off address labels ... I hope !

Many years ago, when my girls where oh so very young and still believed in that wonderful, jolly old elf that rides through the sky on his  sleigh driven by magic reindeer, I began making fabulous beaded ornaments.  I would purchase the intricate kits from The Cracker Box . 
These lovely handmade ornaments were made at least 30 years ago and though they used to bless us with their beauty every Christmas, they have been stashed away for over 6 years now.  As I unwrapped them I decided they were going on display this year and even though our tiny (less than 4 foot tall) tree could not support them, I would find some way to showcase them. :)

Among a drape of faux garland they took center stage with my beloved photos of family.

Satin covered balls bedecked in crystals, sequins and silvery dress maker's pins  ... lots and lots of pins !

The one that took the longest to make was the Holiday Bell, it is completely covered in pearly white sequins, each held in place by a dress maker's pin ...  hundreds of pins !   If you'd like to check out Cracker Box  you can click on their links in this post or copy and paste their URL :


  1. WOW!!! Anna, these are so amazing! You are really so talented and what treasures for your family to enjoy and reminisce over :)

    Decorating was difficult this year and we didn't put out our usual array of outside lights and it took me nearly 3 weeks to decorate the Xmas tree, just 20 ornaments a day but slowly and surely it got done, now I can relax (well, I will when everyone is home and safe :)

    Your tree is so cute :)

    Happy Holidays, cheers, T. :)

  2. I don't decorate for the holiday, maybe next year. It is always beautiful but I know it is a lot of work. I know you will enjoy the decorations.

  3. The are beautiful, and I love the creative way you have them displayed. We used to make "fancy" ornaments with my mom. I remember it was one of the few times when she seemed to enjoy the holidays. Enjoyed this post!

  4. Your ornaments are beautiful. Too pretty to keep packed away for so long!! But then I haven't decorated, except for the tree, for about 4 years now. I just don't have the energy to do it like I used to. And it's just not the same since the kids are grown and on their own.


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