Friday, December 23, 2011

Joy to All and Blogger Headaches

I made this appliqued and embroidered felt door decoration back in the early 80's.  My little "Welcome Bear" had been boxed up for too long and I decided it was time for him to make an appearance.
Old ornament above is very simple but I loved how it looked when placed in front of a Christmas tree light bulb. No, your eyes are not playing tricks on you, the photo below is a little out of focus. :(
The Holiday Season and Blogger Headaches
I thought I had this season figured out, blogwise anyway.  I would do a few posts at a time and have them scheduled for publication on certain dates and then if comments  came in, I could quickly check my personal email address to moderate and visit their blogs in return.  Simple yes ?  Well for some unknown reason, after several years of receiving email notifications of comments needing moderation, Blogspot has stopped sending me these notifications.  Bummer ... now I must stop whatever I'm doing and check on my Blogspot dashboard frequently to see if there are any wonderful comments to acknowledge.

Today as I prepared this particular posting I notice that I'm having problems with the uploading of my photos.  I click on the ones I want to post and then when I return to the photo pop-up window all of my choices have been erased.  This is  supposed to the Christmas-Hanukkah-Kwanzaa season not April Fools !  :(
If anyone has suggestions on how to get my email notifications back please feel free to give them to me.  I've tried clearing out my cache, unchecking the "remember me" option box and then logging out, shutting my PC off and re-booting, I checked over my settings but couldn't find that anything had changed.  I also checked the blogger "help" section (but that was a couple of days ago so I might try"help" again to see if anything new has been discussed). 

Photo above ... another dated Christmas decoration, this one is from Hallmark.  The Bear's beary happy Christmas, with Mama Bear holding a cookie sheet of fresh baked cookies, Papa Bear hanging up the Christmas stocking on the fireplace mantel, little Missy Bear reading her book while little Junior Bear plays on the floor with his little toy boat.

Hope you are all enjoying a marvelous and happy Holiday ... and remember to leave some cookies for Santa. :)


  1. Wish I could help you with blogger issues. I can't even get a pic to show on the updates screen when you see the little blurb when someone has a new post! Everyone I've asked says they don't do anything special to make it happen. And I'm just not techno enough to know which of the other blog sofware sites would be better. I absolutely adore your little bear! So glad you brought him out of storage. :) Love the stained glass too, with the lights shining behind it, it's just a magical feeling, isn't it? Wishing you a very Merry Christmas!!

  2. Oh Anna, your decorations are so beautiful :)

    Your "Welcome Bear" is too cute:) I've said it before but I truly mean it you are a very talented lady :)

    Sorry you are having so much trouble with blogger it does seem to have spells like that, I'm sorry I am not savvy enough to offer any help only hope it sorts itself out soon :)

    Thank you so much for your sweet comment and all of them, such wonderful ones you have left and cheered me greatly :)

    Merry Christmas to you and your family and I hope you all have a safe and fun New Year, cheers, T. :)

  3. Love the ornaments. When I run into a problem with the blog I do the only technical thing I know how to do. Restart! Best wishes for an amazing holiday!

  4. Oh, your bear is just adorable! Blogger is so frustrating sometimes. You might try resetting the settings. That usually helps me when I have problems with comments. I'm having issues with the photos too.

    I hope you and your family have a very Merry Christmas! XO

  5. That bear is so cute! I've found Blogger to be quirky as well. Usually the problems resolve on their own, only to be replaced by new Blogger issues! Grrr!

    Thanks for your visit to my blog's Christmas tree gallery. I wish you and your family a very Merry Christmas and a healthy and happy New Year!

  6. Gremlins, that is what is causing your issue. I don't know how to get rid of them. I am sure you are not alone.

    I hope your Christmas was merry.

  7. I love your happy welcome bear, and what fun ornaments. I hope you had a wonderful Holiday and that you can figure out the blogger problems.
    Everyday Inspired

  8. Happy Holidays!!

    I hear you on Blogger problems and otherwise. I've been out of commission with major computer problems...though thankfully I think I'm back up near full running capacity.

    Wishing you a very Happy New Year!!

    See you around the blog world soon!!

  9. Have you tried chanting? So sorry friend for me it's the phase of the moon and direction of the wind. You would think they can invent all this stuff that they could make it work easily too : ( . I hope you had a Merry Christmas XOXO

  10. I love that you make and keep your creations to come out for Christmas. I feel like I am opening gifts everytime I get mine out. Oh and I agree with Patty you should try chanting when this happens. It will either work or just make you burst out laughing because you actually tried it! LOL


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