Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Beady Brained

Had a big sale on my beads and beading supplies this past weekend. Was doing okay until I got a young couple that, of course, was trying to save as much as possible and in trying to accommodate them I ended up making a huge mathematical error...cost me over $100 but it was my error, my fault, my stupidity so I'll just have to grin and bear it ! The young man was apparently the jewelry maker and designer, he was also quite the chatterbox, anymore I can't seem to walk and chew gum at the same time, let alone listen, talk and do calculations...that's just more than my beady little brain can handle. Since I was having a sale, and as I said they wanted to get as much for their buck as possible, they asked if they made a large purchase could I give them a better discount. I said that with a large order I could probably take an additional 10% off the bottom line. But with the constant distractions and conversation I ended up adding the 10% to my sales discount instead...big error. Well live and learn, won't do that again...I hope !
So today I don't want to talk beads, think beads or even look at a bead. Think I'll just go putter in my garden again.

Early Monday, I found a couple of immature Lubber grasshoppers munching on my newly planted bougainvillea. Managed to flick them off with a twig and then quickly stepped on them...the thought still makes me shudder. Yes they were only small Lubbers, maybe 2" in length and they still had their black and yellow adolescent markings but in a very short time they would have gotten quite big and would have been capable of devouring a small forest. Guess I should have gotten that big Lubber last year, instead I let him intimidate me.

Our "Little Gem" magnolia is full of blossom buds...there is something about those huge milky white blooms with their distinct sweet fragrance that's synonymous with South Dixie.


  1. I get easily distracted, too, at book fairs when someone tries to talk me into giving them a discount over and above the discount I'm already offering. They just talk on and on, pick up books, put them down on a different place on the table, stuff like that, so I understand your experience.
    Your bougainvillea is beautiful!

  2. What in the world are lubber grasshoppers? I've never heard of them, but they sound creepy. Of course, bugs of any kind creep me out, so I don't think I'd like them either. LOL

  3. Daisy, believe me, you would not like Lubber grasshoppers at all. They seem to be a southern pest and grow to be 3 inches long (to me they look more like 6", guess it's that intimidation factor). The adults are bright yellow with some red and black markings...they really look scarier than they are, though I've heard that they do spit. eeewww !

  4. I can smell that glorious bloom from memory :-)

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