Monday, April 13, 2009

Things That Should Not be Put into the Clothes Drier

There are many things that one should never put into the heat of their clothes drier...crayons, lipstick, ball point pens, tubes of mascara, magic markers and now I've another one to add to that list.

Had been a few days since I did laundry and as I loaded the drier I decided to clean the lint filter. Odd, it usually comes right out but today it seems to be caught on something. A slight wiggle and a good yank and it finally comes out, however there is a ball of lint sticking out of the drier vent. Naturally as I went to extract the lint ball it drops further down into the drier vent. Went to get a flashlight and of course John, my hubby dearest, who is ever the curious one, wants to know what's going on, I explain and he goes to the garage to get a better and brighter flashlight. After we both had peered long and hard into the vent, we concurred that it was not just a ball of lint, it had been some tiny one time.
John found a length of stout wire, fashioned the end into a hook of sorts, and managed to fish the dessicated little critter out of the drier vent. After removing much of the lint, it was apparent that it had once been a little tree frog...perhaps it came down the drier vent stack to get away from the cold. Poor little fella, guess he didn't know that frogs should never go into the drier.

Photos : Top page- topside of dried frog.
Left photo : topside of dried frog

Right photo : belly up froggy.

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  1. Poor little booger! I wonder at what point he thought "OK, maybe not such a great idea". I was shocked to find a cricket in my broccoli in my fridge once. Surprisingly he survived 3 or 4 days in the crisper...and I managed to miss him when I was cutting the florets up!


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