Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Death by Gloom

Is it possible to die from gloom ? This spring has been an incredibly gloomy one, little sun, much rain and unseasonable heat. With the passing of June 21st we are now definitely and irrevocably into summer, there was very little transition between winter cool and summer sizzle.
Heat and humidity affects most of us to some extent, I too am not immune to feeling summer's lethargy and insipidity, even the vegetation appears to be succumbing. My colorful Fiesta Lantanas have lost most of their blossoms and are now struggling with mealy bugs and powdery mildew, the rotten tomatoes still battle early blight fungus, along with an aggravating thief of a squirrel that keeps stealing the hard green fruit before they've a chance to ripen. Of all the garden the only things flourishing pest and disease free are the weeds and the wild vines.

above : Vines growing into the tree tops and a stately old
Florida Pine dominates the skyline.

below : Looking down Cow Pen Creek
with lush growth of vines starting to over take
native trees and brush.

Yesterday I ventured to the far back of our property, it had been a while and I was curious to see how things looked. Under the shade of one huge oak, I happened upon an unusual growth, undoubtedly a fungus of some sort. It measured approximately 8 inches across, fairly large for fungi. If anyone is familiar I'd love to know more about it.


  1. Beautiful place you have! I'd be sitting outside all the time in the shade!

  2. i've never seen a fungus like that. it is kind of creepy looking, like it would be the thing in a monster movie that grew and took over the town. hee hee hope you find ways to stay cool. take care!

  3. Wow that thing is freaky looking but very cool. Lucky you came across it and the vines didn't take you out while you stood still snapping photos lol! At least you have warm temps, up here in little old Boston we're in the low 60's with constant rain. It is like March. My psyche can not take much more of this! I'm all for thunder storms in the summer but we need SUN to get them so I'm with you girl! It will happen, we just have to think sunshine right? haha Have a nice day!

  4. wow - how almost alice in wonderland freaky!


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