Monday, June 15, 2009

Rotten Tomatoes

Today I'm in a fog or perhaps it's a fugue. Have had a number of ideas for a blog post but all of them require taking photos and that requires setting up my lights, light box etc. , which requires organizing space in the spare bedroom which...well it's a domino effect that I'm just not in the mood to tackle, at least not today...or perhaps that's "lest" ? Went out to lunch the other day and I don't think my brain came back with me, its probably still at Island Time Grill sipping pina coldas !
So I'm attempting something that doesn't need much work or concentration. There are a number of photos from my garden already in my files, could do flowers or maybe my pathetic tomato, too predictable...infected tomato plants...hmm, has possibilities. Hope you don't find them boring.

A couple of months ago, John and I purchased 2 huge storage units at "Lowes", the price was right even though the home improvement store had somehow "misplaced" all of the snap on lids. Well it must really be hard to keep track of so many items like that, right ? Especially easy to lose track of something so small as a pallet of 2 foot by 4 foot dark blue plastic lids. But lids were not the deal breaker with us as we had little need for them. These storage bins would soon have holes drilled in the bottom for drainage, a layer of large rock gravel added (to keep the soil from washing out) and of course several huge bags of potting soil dumped on top of the gravel layer.

These bins, perhaps unattractive, would become an above ground garden for my tomato sprouts.

After these seedling were planted Mother Nature decided to send rain. Ten days of almost constant downpours and very little to no sunshine. Now I'm battling a tomato fungus called early blight, well not me personally...the tomato plants have the blight !

Not sure who is going to win this battle, me with my copper spray or the ever spreading black cankers of early blight fungus ! I really did have my heart set on fresh home grown tomatoes this summer. We'll just have to wait and see if the plants can recover or not.

Would be such a shame to lose these tiny fruits. Perhaps Mother Nature will show us some mercy !


  1. My grandfather lost a few to a toppled over shelf in a big storm this week. I've been wanting a tomato plant for a while and now he has no extras to give me!

    Gonna have to go buy one, because it would be so awesome growing my own. Good luck with the fungus!

  2. Good luck with your tomatoes! I'm a gardener too and I think fungus are one of the most difficult things to combat. I'm primarily a flower gardener and I seem to be constantly fighting rust. Gardening's definitely challenging, but also very rewarding! Best Wishes!

  3. Aww, sorry it's been tough - good luck with them!

  4. Thanks for becoming a follower over at my blog.
    Means a lot to me that others actually might be reading what I take the time to write.

    have a great day and good luck with those tomatoes ... nothing like 'em!

  5. Eek, rain is good but just like anything -- in moderation! I hope you can salvage at least a few of them. Here's to Mother Nature sending some sun & pronto. Your boxes are so innovative, you are so crafty I always learn a new idea when I come over here!

  6. Hope your tomatoes get better. I have one tomato plant.. got a mid-sized one from Home Depot.. so if anything goes wrong with it, I will blame them and feel less guilty ;)

  7. These bins are such a good idea!! Might try this next year with tomatoes because it's so nice having fresh tomatoes. Yes, I do dream of a great kitchen AND a great craft space! Wow...sometimes it's scary how gendered we are.
    Definitely try the flourless chocolate cake. I would recommend the individual ones, because they are easier and taste much better. Plus, you make them in muffin tins, so it's like you're making muffins, not cake, and therefore it should be less intimidating!! Good luck and let me know how they come out.


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