Monday, June 29, 2009

Blogger's Remorse

Recently I asked several friends and acquaintances to please visit my blog and tell me what they thought, in other words I was asking for a critique. More than likely it had been a bad idea as I received so many suggestions. Everybody seemed to have a different idea of what a good blog was, and most of those ideas would have me believe that my blog was decidedly not what they would consider a good one...guess that's why not one of them have chosen to follow me.

I was told my blog should be instructional, tell people how to do things, how to make things; That my blog should be about information, tips, tricks, advice; I was told that my blog was too long, a blog should be short, just quick snippet's of things (Isn't that what Twitter's for?); It was advised I should focus on one particular subject and not stray from it, since my domain name was A Beader's Blog it should be JUST about beading, bead work and beads, beads and more beads; Another told me my UFO project had no purpose in my blog and why was I including stuff about my yard and garden, that these discourses were confusing and did not pertain.
One person chose to give me advice regarding my post on my Rotten Tomato plants, I should have used Seven to control the early blight fungus instead of the copper spray and I should have staked them much sooner, the poor little plants needed support (but they were only 6 inches tall in that photo!); Yet another felt a good blog was political and news worthy (if you want that, go buy a newspaper!). BLAH I say !

In the end I was over dosing on advice, my parade had been totally rained out, my balloon deflated. Amid dejection I finally decided that there was no magic formula, no way to please all the masses. It is imperative to follow one's own desire and my gut instincts say a blog is an extension of one's self, it can be any and all things. One's thoughts, dreams, fantasies, it can be a place to teach and give instructions, or it can be a forum for your political viewpoints, a podium upon which to preach environmental issues, theoretical ideas, religious beliefs. A blog is a blank book awaiting the words of it's author and just like a library there are many different types of books. How dull, how bland how utterly boring it would be if every book were the same ! And to the acquaintance who asked me why I apologized for a post I used, that if I had to apologize for it then why did I even use it ? I respond; "Lesson learned" and in addition; "This is my blog and my viewpoints and I ain't apologizing for em !"


  1. Well said! I've commented here before, and I'll say it again...I hate blogs that stick too firmly to one thing...and for this reason yours is one of my current favorites! Just keep on keeping on, and do what works for you:)

  2. Poor thing! For my part I purposely don't ask my family to read my blog. My mom, who loves to read doesn't even know I have one and I like it that way. It just gives me more freedom without being worried about what someone near to me has to say about anything I want to talk about. Same goes for my MIL. My friends never seemed all that interested in my blog, then lately a bunch of them started reading. I NEVER ask for their opinion about it though!!

  3. :) this made me smile - I feel the same way when I ask my husband to critique my art! If you're happy with your work, if it inspires you, if it connects you with people whom you enjoy (vs. those who can always find fault), then I say Job well done. Keep doing what makes you happy and you'll continue to grow.

  4. Thank you all...glad to see I'm not alone in my viewpoint. Happy blogging to each of you.

  5. I have been blogging for a couple years now and as you know I have 2 different blogs, one that has a theme and one that does not. The thing I discovered is that blogging is like writing in a journal, it is yours and should in turn be about whatever you want it to be! I for one love your blog, the blend of topics ensures it will never get stale and you will never get bored with doing it because it is an all encompasing peek into what makes you, well, you! Glad you're going to keep up with it :-)

  6. Your blog is whatever you want it to be, and yours is lovely!

    My own blog strays off topic quite a bit. It's suppose to be an aromatherapy blog, but lately it seems the people want to know all about Facebook, so I've been posting tips on that. I also get a good response for posts about my little scallywag (aka, my 3-year-old son).

  7. WOW - ya sure can't please everyone all the time these days!! :) I say do what pleases you and makes you happy!

  8. I keep mine a secret!! until lately I liberalised my blog!


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