Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Twilight Time...

above; Like twilight hours, the sky is dark and shadows are eerily deep. This was taken shortly after lunch in between bands of torrential rain and cracking thunder.

Another dark gray day, more rain and the distant sound of thunder as it roils through dense clouds. Flood advisories are in effect with predictions that we may see from 1 to 5 inches of this liquid sunshine. It would appear that our drought is definitely, irrevocably over.
As humanity goes, we are prone to excess, we eat too much, drink too much and indulge in a myriad of things to extreme, with Mother Nature setting such fine examples how can we be otherwise ?

Now the sound of thunder is not so distant and the charcoal gray clouds have turned daylight into twilight. An old song floats across the back of my mind; "Heavenly shades of night are falling. It's twilight time. Out of the mist your voice is calling. It's twilight time When purple colored curtains Mark the end of the day I hear you my dear at twilight time".

above; Our neighbor's pond is starting to fill up again. After a long spell of drought the ponds and reservoirs are quickly being replenished.

below; Screened in patio is prone to slow drainage, this corner always becomes a mini pond. Not sure just what to do about it. John's already drilled a hole in the aluminium frame, guess a bilge pump would be the next course of action...wonder if it could be hidden in the pittisporums ? I find the photo orbs in the above picture fascinating, most likely they are caused by the camera trying to focus on the rain drops. I'm sure "Ghost Hunters" would be able to explain the phenomena, as they encounter them frequently on film...very seldom are the orbs ghostly apparitions, usually they're explained as a speck of dust or a tiny insect...darn I would so like to see a ghostly orb !

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  1. Perhaps they are the 'Ghosts of Sunny Days Past' heehee
    Great shots, even in the rain there is some beauty to be had. That song rings a bell...


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