Tuesday, July 7, 2009


Had a wake-up call today, must be time to clean out the fridge. Putting away the dishes I noted that only 2 small saucers remained out of a set of 8, means there are 6 stashed somewhere in the fridge with heaven-knows-what on them.
Uh, is that a pork chop or is it ? Oh, I'm not sure what it is but I think it just moved ! Eww, toss it, it jiggles and it isn't Jell-O or jelly !
Usually after dinner John helps me by putting away leftovers. So, more often than not, I have no idea exactly what's left over, what type of container they're in or where things have been stashed. However this I do know; we have 3 bottles of maple syrup on the bottom shelf of the fridge. Why ? I haven't a clue !

Extracting half a baguette loaf from the refrigerator I spotted spots, tiny blue, pinpoint spots. A bread mold, harmless but neither tasty nor appetizing. Carefully I picked out the spots, feeling a bit like Lady Macbeth; "Out, damned spot!". Once completed the baguette looked as though it had survived a bad case of chicken pox or maybe cow pox. Edible, yes. Attractive, no.
Yep, definitely time to clean out the old refrigerator.

One thing puzzles me, true many things puzzle me but this is my conundrum for today. Why is it refrigerator and not refridgerator ? Or why is it fridge but not frige, or frigid but not fridgid ? Just looked in my dictionary and I could find neither fridge nor frige, but I did find a wondrous new word; frigorific; adv. ; "making cold; freezing or cooling".

Not sure just how I'd use that in a sentence.
"Boy this air conditioner is frigorific." ?
"Put enough ice cubes in your lemonade and you'll have a frigorific drink." ?
"My Blue Gel freezing bag is absolutely frigorific." ?
Hmm, think I'm going to have to work on that one.


  1. I know what you mean. I made DH clean out mine last week before I went grocery shopping and it wasn't pretty =)

  2. The only thing worse about cleaning out your own fridge, is cleaning out an office fridge.. everyone's forgotten lunches that no one claims is theirs....ewwwwwwww.

  3. Renee, yes it's a dirty job alright and until somebody invents a self-cleaning fridge somebody's got to do it. I can vouch that a ziplock baggie of gooey brown sludge (what used to be a head of romaine lettuce) definitely falls under the category of "not pretty" ! :D

  4. CabinCub - Amazing how many mystery lunches end up in the office fridge...guess grimlins must bring their lunches and then leave them ?

  5. HAHAHA! You totally kill me, this is hilarious :-) You are so right that the spelling of these words is completely off. And how can they allow frigorific if fridge is not even considered a word? We are the worst about leftovers, most of the time they come back out looking like a 3rd grader's science experiment. Great post!!

  6. Enjoyed the post about cleaning out your frig,Nothing as bad as wondering what was that,& i was going to save it eat it later ewww to gross. Be back soon to read more.Outstanding Post!

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