Saturday, July 25, 2009

Could've - Would've - Should've

Jill of Beads and bobs did a lovely write-up about my Etsy Bead and Jewelry supply shop. I can truthfully say that I need all the exposure I can get and it is especially welcomed when it is gratis ! Thanks Jill, you're an angel ! Jill has her own lovely shop at: Beads & bobs Etsy

One of the most difficult things, at least for me, is taking good photos. Perhaps practice makes perfect but most of my shots turn out perfectly horrid or practically awful. Either too dark, out of focus, or a strange shade of orange, and I don't have the camera set on Sepia either, though think it probably would look better if perhaps I did.
So it's been a process of take 20 or 30 shots, download them, review them and then delete about seventy-five percent and then repeat the procedure. I know I've taken hundreds of photos by now and for some reason I am not improving upon my photography skills. There are a limited few pictures that can be salvaged through Picasa photo editing, but there is only so much it is capable of. Even the best photo editing software cannot salvage a shot that is murky and extremely out of focus. Guess I should have taken the free course offered by the camera shop where I purchased my digital Cannon Power Shot A70...had every intention to do so...but...

below - photo snagged from internet ad of my Cannon's small enough to fit in the palm of ones hand...but that hasn't prevented me from leaving it at home 99.9% of the time. Ah the photos I could've, should've, would've taken if only...
Well those of you who've visited my blog often probably can surmise that I suffer from an acute case of procrastination-itis. Yes, there is help for those like myself and indeed my area does have a Procrastinator's Anonymous (PA, which also stands for Public Announcement). I learned of PA's existence several years ago but just haven't joined up yet, maybe I'll do that next week...or perhaps the week after, wait there's something going on that week...well then I'll have to see what's on the agenda for the end of August !


  1. it took me awhile to figure out our camera as well.. so many settings and chances are high i pick the wrong one! ;)

  2. I think, for some of us anyhow, posting great pictures is the largest hurdle.Creating is not a problem - its the other things that are time consuming. Which probably leads to more procrastination :)
    Have a wonderful, creative day.

  3. Procrastinator's Anonymous...just haven't joined up yet, maybe I'll do that next week


    Have you tried making a light box for photo taking? How's the UFO coming along btw? Been wondering what your progress is (if any, and now that I read this I'm not holding my breath haha!).

  4. Cabin+Cub - I've honestly tried to sit down and study the manual that came with my camera but it loses me around page 12. There is just too many settings to remember them all, so I just keep it on AUTO and hope for the best...and that's probably why I get the worst!

    MagicMarkingsArt - Oh I'm with you on that ! I'd much rather be creating something than do all the grunt work of promoting and photographing stuff for my webshops. I've been trying to talk one of my daughters into giving me a hand but they already have too much to do.

    Jenn - Welcome back from your road trip and the band concert (bet that was fun!). I did make a small light box, but really need a bigger one. As for the UFO it's up on saw horses right now, I've got 3 coats of paint on all of it except for the top. I need to experiment with the glazing...was going to do that today but....

  5. Glad to meet you. We must be related, my middle name is procrastination! Pictures are the hardest thing for me as well!


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