Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Can You See Me Now ?

Photo above...Can you see me ? Adolescent hawk sits atop fence post taken from about 120 feet away, camera on full zoom. Hmmm full zoom? Ya coulda fooled me !

Photo below...Can you see me now ? At perhaps 100 feet, camera still set at full zoom. You can make out some of the hawk's markings but not his personality.

Though I like my little aim and shoot Cannon PowerShotA70, I really long for something that has a more powerful telephoto lens. For ages I've been attempting to get some fantastic shots of our local hawk family however my photo results have always been a dismal disappointment.

Photo above...Oh shoot ! I've been spotted ! I remain stock still as the young hawk watches me, wondering just what danger I might pose.

Photo below...Well hello there ! I suddenly realized that not only was junior keeping an eye on me, but mom or dad also kept a wary eye open.

Photo below...Parent hawk atop telephone pole and this is just about as close as my mini telephoto zoom will allow me to get. Since this was taken on a very overcast day, the sky was darkly gray and this was as much as I could lighten it through the use of my Picasa Photo editing...without casting a garish glow over everything.

I've read my camera manual and realize I can adjust my settings to allow for closer zoom capacity but at the cost of picture quality, definition and clarity. I'm not sure it would be worth it.

Photo below...Adolescent hawk on fence post. Shot taken from about 30 feet away using all the zoom that my instant zoom is capable of .

Photo below...Slowly, steadily I crept up another 5 feet or more. Notice how junior is keeping an eye on me? No really, that's his face in front...really !

Photo below...and Juniors mom or dad is also keeping me under close surveillance.

Photo below...And stealthily I creep closer.

Photos below...Cautiously, quietly, carefully...hardly breathing I inch closer and closer.

Photos above and below...At this distance, less than 15 feet of the young adolescent hawk, I felt extremely nervous knowing that the slightest thing could startle and send the youngster flying. Isn't it beautiful ?

Photo below...Meanwhile mature parent hawk continues to scrutinize my every move.

After taking this last shot of mom or dad, I turned to watch as junior flew away. Either he was tired of this slow paced game or he got the message from his guardian that it was time to vacate the premises.

I was disappointed at how far away junior appeared in the photos as I was so close I felt I could have almost reached out and touch him or her. And these were with my zoom set at max; junior would have been little more than a pin speck on normal setting.

Countless shots have been discarded because I was not able to zoom in close enough, while many more photo opportunities were missed as I could not get close enough. Well if I can't afford a fancy new camera, perhaps I should check out a telephoto lens for my camera ? But then they're not cheap either and with all the money my etsy shop is raking in I might be able to afford a dime store magnifying glass. LOL


  1. Wow, what a beauty of a hawk. I just love to see them flying over head. I dare say I rarely get close enough for a good photo op. You took some great shots!

  2. Hey Anna, nice to see you stalking, oh I mean "Hawking" :)

    They are beautiful, I love birds of Prey.

    Have some thoughts on cropping photos, I'll email you :)

    Have a great evening, regards, T.

  3. ooh beautiful pics! Mine would have been all blurry!

  4. AlyGatr - Thank you. I agree that it is lovely to watch a hawk in flight, they are a very noble and regal looking bird.

    T@PoppyPlace - Love your humor, LOL. Yes I'm sure Junior was wondering about that crazy paparazzi stalking him with a camera.

    NotJustHandbags - Thank you. I only posted the sharper photos. Believe me I had a bunch that were blurry that I had to delete. :)

  5. I love this! Thank you for posting some really great photos of Junior!

  6. what a beautiful bird! and fun progression of photos.

  7. Oh wow, you are definitely brave! there is no way I would've attempted to get so close but it was totally worth it, you got some amazing shots here! I know what you mean about a new camera, I've wanted one with special night settings so I can get pictures of the moon and stars for as long as I can remember. I'll keep my fingers crossed for you to get a bunch of sales and get the new camera you want :-)


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