Thursday, January 14, 2010

Desperately Seeking...

I've been lackluster about a lot of things this past holiday season, had hoped that with the start of the new year my creative batteries would recharge and I'd be eager and raring to go. But...well not so much ! Maybe I'm tired, burned out or just simply bored ? Or maybe, during this past cold spell, all my energies and exuberance had been put on ice ?

It has always been the custom with my family that our holiday decorations remained up and on display until after the Epiphany (aka Three Kings Day) which traditionally falls on Jan. 6th. This year was no exception. So last week was spent taking down wreaths and holiday decor and carefully packing them back into their boxes to be stashed away for next year.

One of my holiday treasures is a small tree purchased about 4 or 5 years ago through A cute folksy, country type decoration featuring tiny lights, some lengths of raffia, and 9 small mushroom birds. Nine ? Rather an odd number, why not 12, make it a dozen ?

Have no idea why the powers that be decided 9 was good, but I've always had to display this little bit of decor up against the wall as there were not enough little birds to adequately adorn the small tree.

I've searched the Internet and have not come across a source for these cute, chubby little fellows and would greatly appreciate it if anybody could direct me to a source where I could purchase least 3 more. However I do want to avoid the wholesale importer that will require me to place an order for 999 of these little guys, as I merely wish to fill out the miniature tree, not start my own mushroom bird farm. : )


  1. Oh what a cute little Xmas tree :)

    Sorry, not much help on finding more :(

    I still haven't taken my Xmas tree down :( Maybe at the weekend :)

    Hope you are having a wonderful Thursday, regards, T.

  2. Those off the wall numbers always flummox me. those are cute little birds but why not fill the tree with them? Did you call Hallmark and ask them about them?

    Sometimes, we have to take a bit of time to recharge our batteries so to speak. Take the time to do that...relax and the creative juices will begin to flow anew.

  3. mushroom bird farm
    lol! Wish I could help but I've never seen anything like them before. They are pretty though, if I ever come across them I'll send it your way!

  4. Ohhhh. now I know..Hello..!when you doesnt link back to your need to add a link to your blog in your profile..where it says list website or blogs..and Thanks for the visit..too..Love your blog..!..!

  5. T@PoppyPlace - I could never understand why there are some people who just can not wait to put up their tree and deck the halls right after the Thanksgiving Day feast. Then, just as promptly, on Dec 26th, Boxing Day, they're taking everything down and putting it away. Perhaps they think that Boxing Day it the day to take down the decorations and "box them up" ?

    Cathryn - After this length of time I doubt that Hallmark would be able to provide me with more of those sweet little birds, But you're right I probably should have contacted and inquired if there was some means of getting a few more of them. Thanks also for the encouraging words, maybe a short mini-cation to someplace exotic would get that creativity sparked up again ? :)

    Jenn - Yes couldn't you see a house full of those little birdies? Perched on all the lampshades, clustered around the telephones and computer, congregating on the countertops. OMG ! I just had a flashback of Alfred Hitchcock's "The Birds" Yikes !

    Robin - Sounds good to me ! =D I enjoy your blog too. Great thoughts and well written.

  6. Oh those nine birds are cute! we took down our decoration on the weekend too... had to take the poor ol tree to the chipper.

  7. I had to tell you that I along an award to you. Please check my blog for details! :D


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