Sunday, January 10, 2010

Where Have All The Lizards Gone ?

With our cold spell I've noticed that all the lizards seemed to have disappeared. Not sure just where they are hiding but I'm sure they're moving very slowing and are trying to keep as warm as possible. As John and I removed the frost-cloth from our lovely poinsettia plant I found a small tree frog clinging to the white cloth. He or she was still alive but barely moving, for a brief moment a pang of pity swept over me and I wanted to bring the little fellow inside to warm up, but then I could just imagine him getting loose only to be found weeks later as a desiccated mummified little froggy. No he is better off outside facing the challenges that Mother Nature sends his way.

Below are a few photos I took early one frosty morning...funny that for us in the deep south, something as common as frost would become an object of such fascination !

Photo above...Our once deep green yard is white with frost...the pepper plants have wilted and will soon be tossed in the compost pile.

Photo below...More crystallized grass, frosty white and crunchy underfoot.

Photo below...In the early morning a car passes down our road, headlights on. Our neighbor's pond is crowned with a steamy mist of fog.

Photo below...The water temperature is much warmer than that of the air, creating an eerie vapor of fog floating above the water's surface.

This old gal is really looking forward to some warmer weather...guess I'll go make a cup of hot tea or hot chocolate and curl up by the fireplace. To all of you I say; "Stay warm. Stay healthy."


  1. i'm sure the cold front assulting your area is a shock to your systems. it was 7 degrees when we got up this morning. i guess it's all relative.

    your photos are lovely!

  2. Its funny but the way you folks feel about this frosty weather is exactly how we feel when the temps spike into the mid to upper 90's in the summer. It's rare and fascinating! Will keep my fingers crossed for the little frog & hope you stay warm too!

  3. We finally hit "warm weather!" It's been in the upper 40s to mid 50s here. I'm sure that will change! Stay warm and toasty!

  4. I know I cant wait for the warm weather hubs says that it was the fifty coldest days in a row on record..?? ...what do you think..??

  5. Julie - Since I joined your blog following, I've been amazed by your keen astuteness. You're so right about it all being relative. I often marvel at our "Snowbirds" as we can spot them a mile away; they're the ones in shorts and tank tops when Florida temps are in the low fifties, while we year rounders are dressed as though preparing for an Artic expedition. LOL

    Jenn - Right on ! My MIL, bless her, used to live in Issaquah Washington, just inland from Seattle. Whenever the summer temps got into the low to mid 80's she would start to complain about how horribly hot it was. Well, just as Julie King said; " it's all relative".

    Cathryn - Our local paper is saying it shouldn't get out of the 40's today in Manatee county was 22 degrees last night. But they are predicting that things are going to start warming up for us thin blooded folks down in the deep south. I can hardly wait. You stay warm and toasty too.

    Robin - Hi and welcome to my blog. I visited your website and you've done a wonderful job on it. Tried to leave a comment but Window's Explorer wouldn't let me. I'll have to look into that and figure out why. Well down here in my neck of Southern Dixie we were looking at breaking a record for the longest consecutive nights of freezing or below freezing temps. Not sure if it's a record I'd like to see broken. =D
    I know I'm ready for warmer weather, and my frozen toes, fingers and nose are definitely ready. Well my hubby is calling me to help uncover the delicate plants that we protected with frost cloth last night...getting so tired of this covering, uncovering routine.

  6. Lovely pics ! Best wishes for a great week...

  7. Hi Anna, you are getting some of the weather we get in the NW. Yesterday, I bumped into a couple from Florida who were enjoying our 45 degree weather, at least, it wasn't raining. The weather has been very strange this year :)

    Hope you enjoyed your tea :)

    Have a great evening, regards, T.

  8. Brrrr. I actually hope we get some cooler weather but not that cold. Nice, crystally field.
    PS - I loved watching Giget movies - I remember they played them in the afternoon after school or was there a TV show rerun. & you are right, when I said it's OK for women to surf now, I DID forget about Giget.

  9. you're in FL... yikes. its not suppose to get cold there! my parents live in Arkansas... it got down to -1 and some pipes broke in the retirement center where they live.

    stay warm!


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