Friday, October 21, 2011

A New Comer to the Neighborhood

Our neighbors have a man-made pond in their front yard that tends to attract water loving birds.  We've seen lots of ducks and egrets enjoying the water along with an occasional snack of fresh fish.  There have also been Canadian geese and tall, gray Sandhill Cranes.  Recently we've noticed a pair of gray herons enjoying the pond (and the fish within it).  How long the herons will stay is hard to guess as it seems this pond attracts transient  water fowl.

Photo below ... The large gray heron is hunkered down so it looks quite short however it has remarkably long legs and when it stands it reachs a rather impressive height.
Photo above ... I had hoped to get up really close since the heron was right beside our fence-line but this was as close as I got before he or she took flight and found the safety of the tiny island at the center of the pond.
Photo above ... One heron is on the island the other is across the water in the back-ground, both are a safe distance away ... now if they could only get rid of the annoying paparazzi !!!

These photos were taken yesterday Oct 20th, 2011.  Today has turned a bit chilly in the low 70's at noon, was in the low 60's when I got this morning and was 58 degrees outside when I went to bed last night.  However the heron have returned today so perhaps they'll stick around for a bit longer in spite of the cooler weather.  They are lovely creatures and John and I enjoy watching them, though I'm sure the herons would prefer that we weren't such snoopy neighbors. lol

I would love to have a camera with a real zoom lens and I keep saying to myself that when my etsy shop starts really selling I'll be able to buy one.  I better not hold my breath on that one. :D


  1. I love bird watching as well, if I were there I would be standing with you enjoying the beauty of those amazing birds.
    Everyday Inspired

  2. We have a pond in our back yard that attracts herons as well. I've had lots of fun snapping their pics!

  3. We have blue herons here and I really enjoy watching them. I hope he stays around awhile for your enjoyment! :)

  4. How beautiful!!

    When we travel up to Central California there is a bird sanctuary and we always see the most amazing birds. They are so graceful. How lucky to have that right in your vicinity.

  5. Wow what gorgeous birds! I know you say you want a zoom lens but these photos seem much closer to the bird than I've ever managed to get to one of these. That beak is just huge. I hope they stick around for you to admire for a while!

  6. Cool shots Anna :)

    I LOVE Herons, they are so majestic :)

    Nice to see the pair together.

    Have a lovely Tuesday, T. :)

  7. I love that post about the herons! for your hopes for a real camera - it is as if you read my own mind!


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