Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Snarkiness is Alive and Well ...

Change is inevitable, or so they say, and one either learns to accept it, suffer in silence or make a big fuss about it ...  the latter of which is ignored by everyone and so basically you're suffering aloud but no one is listening to you.  
In my viewpoint the Etsy teams are not working all that well, some of them go hours if not days without any activity.   The  Promotions Teams are certainly not as active as other teams nor are they accomplishing the goal that they had been created for.  A far cry from the days when promotions was a part of the Etsy forums and postings changed faster than greased lightening.   
Yes, without promotions the new, scaled down Etsy forums has lost its spark but not its snarkiness
At first this move made no sense but now that Etsy has initiated its "Search Ads", it became perfectly clear, at least to me it did.   I doubt that Etsy  wanted the promotion threads to compete with their new form of on-site advertisements, what better way of doing this than to relegate promo to teams and then tell everyone that the forums is closed for any and all promo threads.

Certainly Etsy has gone through a lot of changes lately and though I miss some of the old Etsy I realize that, like toothpaste squeezed from a tube, there is no putting it back.  Eventually the dust will settle and memories of the old Etsy will become little more than a faded memory.  And so we move on.

Recently I opened a second Etsy shop in order to separate my handcrafted jewelry from my beading supplies shop (unfortunately my supply shop has been woefully neglected in this process).  The new shop has been fairly quiet with only 1 sale.  For the past couple of days I've been beading and photographing and today I listed a couple of new items in my shop DellaMessina ... both items are priced under $10 each and I'm hoping that this will generate some attention and possibly sales.

One thing I have noticed about the new, scaled down Etsy forum is that snarkiness is still alive a well. lol   Have any of you visited or participated in the forums recently?  If so what is your opinion of it?  Also if any of you have tried out the Etsy Search Ads, please give us your review and if you think they will eventually turn into a lucrative source of advertising for Etsians?


  1. I haven't tried Search Ads yet but a teammate of mine in EcoEtsy has started gathering data on their effectiveness and should be putting out a post on the team's blog I think this week (could be next). I'm anxious to see what she thinks because she runs a successful business so hopefully her advice/tips/suggestions can be applied to all shops.

    I know what you mean about low sales, but hey, at least you've had one since opening the new shop, that's fantastic! My only sales of late have been to family and I love them for it but I want other people to see, love & purchase my items too. The best way to get views is treasuries and there are some active teams still out there, one I joined recently is specific to treasuries. It has upped my views to post in their discussion boards but not a lot of other activity yet. I joined as many AZ teams as I could find and they're very slow to post in discussions but EcoEtsy is very busy. I guess it just depends.

    I love your earrings! Just added the white to my favorites. I have been trying to use circles/treasuries/blogging/teams to my best advantage and spread the love...hopefully someone will see them & purchase my friend!

    I think we're all in this financial crunch together!

  2. I haven't visited the forums in a long while...since they changed the format of them a while back, I was all confused and just didn't like it much.

    To me...if it isn't broken...just leave it alone!!

    I hope your new shop picks up soon!!!

  3. Love your snowflake earrings!
    And yes, Etsy has changed so much...and there is no putting it back :(

  4. Preciosos y muy finos,muy apropiados para las Navidades.Bss

  5. I miss the old forums and agree the teams are just not the same. I don't go there very often but I see the snarkiness every time I do. However, there is still good info there about running an Etsy business and that's what I go there looking for. As far as search ads, I have yet to read something positive from anyone who who purchased one. It would be nice to know it has worked for somebody.

  6. This earings look soe elegant:)

  7. I have not yet ventured into selling so most of this post is totally foreign to me. I love your pieces and have to tell you that when you comment on my blog you make my heart full! I do hope someday to take the conversation further. Hugs

  8. I miss the forums the way they used to be a lot. I have joined a few teams, but I agree they are not effective.

    I love your new snowflake earrings, I just added them to my pinterest board!

    Everyday Inspired

  9. Hey there! I thought I just come over and say hello.
    What beautiful, elegant earrings!

  10. Hey Anna, I haven't been to the forums in a long time, maybe 9 months. It is a shame they changed it all but I agree with you about the reason for Etsy making the changes. :(

    Your earrings are very pretty and I am sure that your sales will pick up as we get into the holiday shopping season in a few weeks :)

    I belong to a few active teams but you have to participate all the time or you soon get forgotten :(

    Haven't tried the new search ads. and am waiting from comments of people who have, too early for feedback, I think.

    I get most of my views from treasuries, I looked this morning and I am at nearly 400 but of course most of the listings in most of them have expired, LOL and I haven't had one direct sale from a treasury, go figure, Etsy is just plain weird for me :(

    Wishing you well, regards, T. :)

  11. The snowflake earrings are delightful and timely for the upcoming cold season. I too miss the old Etsy forums. As for the ads, well, they will be the same as any form of ads in that they cost money! There are other ways to promote one's store for free as you discovered on my blog today!

  12. I so agree. I used to love the forums - now I feel like they are almost useless....and I also agree the splintering of the feeling of community that had been there. I gave up and teams killed the forums even more. I rarely go there anymore - no point.

  13. I agree... the new forums aren't as good as they once were.
    I think all these "Teams" discourages people from just wanting to participate in conversations and sharing.

    I love the snowflake earrings.. very cute! I can't believe the holiday season is already around the corner!!!

  14. love the snowflake earrings. they look complicated to make. I always admire people who have patience to do that sort of thing. Here's wishing the the snow hold off for a bit!

  15. Whatlovely snow flake earrings!Very flattering to any woman!


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