Sunday, August 5, 2012

Follow The Directions Man !

Went to Ikea ... man how I love that store, and not just for their Swedish meatballs either.  :)
I needed some storage containers - inexpensive ones.  Ikea had an assortment of CD storage boxes in various colors and prints, just cardboard and paper with a few metal rivets and a metal frame to hold the label onto the box.
When I opened the package there were all these parts and a sheet of "directions" (of sorts)  what I liked the best was this  . . . I think it pretty much says it all . . .
Fortunately the CD boxes weren't that complicated to figure out.  They didn't have that many parts and, given the fact that I've seen a cardboard CD box before,  I was able to put them together without having to resort to making an emergency phone call.

So here they are, all ready to put junk stuff into.  Are any of you fans of Ikea ?


  1. Since they opened a store in Tampa, I have been meaning to go..but I must confess I still have not. It is on my to do list! I like your boxes

  2. Me, me!! I love Ikea - except the part when I come home and then have 3 hours of putting things together! :-p

    Actually for the most part their stuff isn't too hard to figure out - only once when I put together a dresser which felt like it took about 12 hours to assemble did I question what I had done...but alas, I still go on a regular basis, and so far I've never had to resort to making the emergency phone call either!!

  3. Regina - You must get over there sometime. It's an amazing place.

    Meeling - I've not been that brave yet but I do have my eye on a small chest of drawers that have wheels. I think it would be great storage for some of my beading supplies. Now if I can just convince my hubby of that need. :D

  4. *TeeHee* is that the actual instruction sheet with the "directions man"? Just the question mark and then phone the factory? That's hilarious... almost like saying "Abandon hope all ye who enter here"! At least they're honest LOL

  5. I must admit that there was a simple drawing showing how the boxes were to be assembled. It wasn't exactly, explicit and I did put the 1st box together incorrectly (had to take it apart and reassemble it). But after the first one the other 4 went together as easy as sipping iced tea on a hot summer's day. :) Though I don't think I'd want to try my luck with something more complex, like an entertainment center - I'd definitely leave that one up to my hubby. :D

  6. Great boxes! I have many Ikea piece in my house and I can say I really hate their directions. My husband has put together many things wrong. I have an island in my kitchen that should have doors, but they didn't make it. My poor daughter had her headboard on backwards for weeks before my husband could fix it. We love to shop their, but I hate when we buy things that have to be put together.
    Everyday Inspired

  7. I love sitting in the little living rooms they put together.

  8. I love IKEA, too! We still have the clock we bought in an IKEA store in the US 20 years ago! And the meatballs are very popular here, too - IKEA opened a store in Sofia, Bulgaria, last year :)

  9. I love Ikea however, we do not have a local store - we have bought online though. Window shopping at a real Ikea would be so cool!


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