Monday, August 6, 2012


Well, to start off with I'm going to be away for a while.   About 3 months ago I broke down and finally made an appointment with the Mayo Clinic in Jacksonville, Florida.  So we'll be off to Jacksonville where,  hopefully, I may get some answers as to what's going on with me that my local doctors can't figure out.  I have put my etsy shop on a temporary vacation and will reopen it  when I return, if all goes as planned  I will also be listing a number of new pieces in my shop, AlmostPrecious.
Troubles?  Yes I've been having them lately with electronics.  Maybe I'm DC (Direct Current ) while everything around me is AC (Alternating Current ).  All I know is it seems that I've been frying a number of electrical things lately.  Most recently it's been my Cannon Printer.  About 3 months ago it ran out of black ink - we replaced the cartridge - then it began printing pictures with strange horizontal lines running through them and the text wasn't sharp and clear either.  Just this past week the 3 month old black ink cartridge died - normally (with me) they last at least 6 months.  Again we replaced it but then the printer would not print anything in black.  Okay now an email is sent off to Cannon tech help.  We are instructed on how to perform a "Deep Cleaning" of the inking apparatus and are told to do this not once but 4 times to thoroughly cleanse the device.  And, they said, if that does not cure the problem then the  printer needs repair or we need a new printer.  Well after 4 deep cleanings there was still no sign of black ink on the test page.  Guess I need a new printer.  :(

Yesterday as  I breezed through the living room I glimpsed out the window and caught sight of something.  It was outside of our front yard just on the street side of our chain link fence.  I stopped and focused hard on it to figure out what it was.  It appeared to be a bird, a really big bird, but it wasn't the Canadian geese, or a large crane or heron, nor was it a hawk or a vulture.  I called my hubby, John, to come take a look.  He too was baffled but thought it might be a feral peacock.  Upon closer inspection - through a pair of binoculars - we found it to be a wild turkey.  John called our neighbors, Mike and Linda, who are avid bird watchers.  They know that wild turkeys are native to Florida and even to our part of Florida, however they had never been seen in our neighborhood before.  I wish I could have gotten a photo of the bird but it was rather timid and when we went outside it flew off into the tall trees at the back of our property.  Early the following morning we saw it again but only for a short time.  It, being very skittish, took flight when a little Cattle Egret landed in the yard next to it.  We've no idea where the turkey went, hopefully it headed out to less crowded country and won't become someone's Thanksgiving's Day feast.
Okay - enough said.  I'm off to do some laundry.  Sort out what I need to take with me and start packing for the trip to Jacksonville.   Sigh - if only they had  Dr. Gregory House at the Mayo Clinic, I'd be sure to get some answers.  :D
You all take care, be happy and healthy and enjoy each day of your wonderful lives.  Until I return, I shall miss you.


  1. First of all, wish you all the best for the mayo clinic thing...I know first hand how frustrating these things are.

    Then about the know the strangest thing? I saw this bird in our college campus in San Francisco Bay Area, I thought it is not a Canadian goose, too pretty to be a turkey, may be a pea hen, a pea cock is prettier...could it be a partridge? I don't know...But it is very similar to your photo. I think it was a wild turkey then...but it definitely did not have the gobble gobble neck thing:)

    Thank you for dropping by and leaving comment in my blog. See you soon, I mean virtually in the blogosphere. Take care. Dita.

  2. So sorry you're having health issues - I wish you "come back on a white horse" from all my heart. The good thing is you sound calm :)

  3. oh Anna, I sure hope everything is ok and will be sending all the good vibes and love your way. The Mayo Clinic is a very reputable place and I am sure they will find what's going on and it will be something easy to mend. Please let's us know how it goes. I will be worried, you know? Wishing you love and peace and health. Ana

  4. I hope you find your answers. Best of luck to you.

  5. And I thought you were going on vacation! Well, I hope the trip brings you answers and a solution to what ails you. I shall miss your comments until you return.

    We once had a strange bird in my backyard. When I checked, I found we were at the northern most extreme of its range. We never saw one like it again!

  6. Wishing you the best of luck and I hope you find the answers that you are looking for. Oh, yes, wouldn't "House" be just what we all need at some time!! I'll be keeping my fingers crossed for you.

    Crazy turkey! I've had a raccoon, some rats and tons of strange little bug type creatures, but I've yet to see a turkey in my yard!

  7. Oh my friend...I will be keeping you in my thoughts as you make your way up to JAX and try to get all this sorted out. Please check in over on FB every here and there to just let us know how you're doing. I'm sending big hugs your way and lots of healing thoughts ♥

  8. Anna, Have a safe and rewarding trip :) T.

  9. I look at them, they are beautiful and immediately I think of dinner... horrible, I know. I am ashamed.

  10. oops, I think I might have deleted my comment by accident :P

  11. Anna, I hope everything works out at the Mayo Clinic and that you come home with the answers you need and feeling better. As an avid bird watcher, it must have been really cool to see the wild turkey. Enjoy your new printer its better then trying to figure out how to fix an old one.
    Take care of yourself!
    Everyday Inspired

  12. I thank each and everyone for your lovely thoughts and good wishes. I truly appreciate it . . . you are all fantastic - beautiful and extra-ordinary people. I adore you all. :)


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