Sunday, April 27, 2014

A Sad Goose Tale

Fate again was not kind to Mr. and Mrs. C. G.   Like the year before, momma goose was not to see baby goslings grow up to become fully grown geese.

After spending several weeks incubating her eggs, one-by-one each gosling hatched and each quickly died.  When the last tiny gosling passed away, Mrs. G. left her nest and spent the next half-hour walking around with her mate, the exercise must have felt wonderful to her.   Refreshed from her walk, she returned to her island nest and began to bury it and the remains of her babies, giving her lost goslings the respect she felt they deserved.  Once her task was done she rejoined her mate and together they waddled solemnly around our neighbor's yard.

At this point I would like to rant.  I like animals and am fond of pets, however I cannot understand why anyone would take on a pet only to neglect and ignore it. 
 Somewhere in our area there is a person or family that owns a dog, the dog has a collar and what appears to be a tag, it obviously has a home and yet it is always wandering up and down our street.  Our neighbor to the North of us (not the neighbor with the pond and the geese) often throws out bits  and pieces of food to this vagabond dog. 
It's clear that the dog is not well care for, he's dirty, probably has never been bathed, and his claws are in dire need of a trim.  I know about the claws first hand, one day he jumped on me begging for attention and accidently clawed the side of my left knee, leaving me with a three inch scar. 
Many times I wonder if the dog's owners ever miss him .  Do they worry that he could be hit by a car ?  Why have a pet if they're not concerned about it and are not committed  to taking care of or protecting  it?  Perhaps I just don't understand this mentality ?

Now on with the story:
Unfortunately, as momma and papa geese were bereaving, this stray dog trots into our neighbor's yard, he smells the remains of the goslings and proceeds to swim across the small pond and onto the island.  There he quickly sniffed out the burial spot and began to unearth the dead goslings and consume them.   In little time he had unburied the 4 tiny bodies and disposed of them via his tummy. 
When the last morsel was swallowed he swam back to the "mainland" and proceeded to play "catch the big geese".   A couple of minutes of the dog's harassment was all it took for Mr. and Mrs. C.G. to call it quits and fly away. 
Eventually our neighbors  came out and chased the stray out of their yard and then they closed and latched their gate.  It would surprise me if Mr. & Mrs. Goose return next Spring.  Two consecutive nesting failures and an attempted attack by a stray dog is enough to discourage even the most stalwart of geese.
All that remains is a patch of goose down and feathers.


  1. Such a sad story! I feel sorry for the geese being chased away by the stray dog. Hopefully, they will find a new place and maybe some new wildlife will settle in the vicinity.

  2. The way of nature. Here in Oregon there are millions of geese. They are EVERYWHERE!!! LOL
    Thank you for stopping by my blog to wish me a happy birthday.
    Have a great week

  3. That is the saddest tale... I feel so bad for Mr and Mrs G. I have heard that they mate for life, so I would imagine that they are comforting one another on their loss. I hope somebody does something about that dog!

  4. Oh, it's so sad the babies didn't make it and even sadder the stray dog had to dig them up.
    There was a dog in our neighborhood that was seen wandering around on a regular basis and he had a collar and tag. He would come up and let you pet him but as soon as you tried to look at the tag he would run. Eventually someone found out where he lived and it turns out that while the owners were at work every day, the dog could come and go through the doggie door. What the owners didn't realize was the dog dug a hole under the fence, so he could leave the yard but was home when the owners got home! At least that's what I heard through the grapevine!

  5. Wow. Saddest. Blog post. Ever. :'(

  6. Aw, I was hoping for a happy ending for them.

    I know someone who always has at least two dogs. Her and her husband leave a bowl of water and food on their back deck and go away for days at a time, leaving the dogs completely on their own. When something happens to one dog, they get another, love it for a few days and repeat. They've been reported by neighbors and continue to do it. I'll never understand it either.

  7. Well, I do feel bad and sad that that happened :(

    Like Nicole said, in Oregon we have far more than our fair share of Canadian Geese and they are at the point ofbeing beyond a nuisance but being "protected" species nobody can do anything about it.

    Stray dogs drive me nuts, but their owners should be banned from having pets completely, I love animals, not a big dog fan though, too many on the planet for sure.

    Anyway, I hope you are able to have a good week, cheers, T. :)

  8. Oh dear, how sad. I don't understand why people have pets if they don't want to enjoy their company. One of my neighbors keeps their dogs outside in a kennel year-round. :(

  9. Oh that is sad and heartbreaking. :(


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