Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Hooked Up on Hooks

A blog reader contacted me wanting to know how I made the fancy  shaped links in the "Hook and Eye" necklace.  So I am trying to clarify that some links were Clasp Hooks to begin with. 
I used  my ever trusty Wubbers, bail making pliers to close the open part of the hook, creating a unique link.  One hook was left unchanged  for use as a clasp . . . which is its original purpose.

Ready made Shepherd's hook clasps (photo above and below) were used to construct many of the links in my Hook & Eye necklace.  One hook was left unchanged and used as a closure.

In my supplies I had a few figure 8 links but not nearly enough to fashion a chain from.

Wanting a fairly long chain meant that improvising would be required, so I constructed a number of  stylized infinity links to get the length needed.  I made some of these links large and some small to create a bit of variety and add interest to the chain. 

All links were then put together using 5 mm x 18 gauge, gold plated brass jump-rings .  Hope this made sense as I wasn't sure how to explain it without creating an overly long, and perhaps boring, blog tutorial.


  1. I love these simple and elegant pieces, Anna... they would go well with any style. Have you read Cindy Wimmer's book, "The Missing Link"? I just got an inexpensive digital copy and I love it. I have very little experience working with wire, but I think even I could do some of her easier designs with a little practice :)

  2. Monique, thank you. I have not read Cindy Wimmer's book but I will have to look it up as it sounds like my type of instructional book. :)

  3. You did a great job with it. I am sure I wouldn't be able to make such precise curls. I have to go check out that Wubbers thingie!


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