Monday, April 21, 2014


Our snowbirds are back.  Each Spring for the last 3 years we've had a pair of Canadian Geese come to nest on our neighbor's tiny island. 

By now everyone in our neighborhood is familiar with them and I casually refer to them as Mr. and Mrs. G. (G for Goose- or Geese).    On occasion I call them C.G. - (Canadian Goose - or Geese) but that's for formal introductions only. 

Photo above  - Mrs. G. in her well feathered
nest.  Looks like she has some well chosen words for the
paparazzi !
The first year Mr. and Mrs. G. protected a clutch of about 6 eggs, only 4 of which hatched.  Unfortunately the last gosling to come out of its shell was somehow injured and our neighbors had to call Wildlife Management to come capture it and take it to a qualified veterinarian.  If you're interested you can read about that nesting  HERE and HERE. 

We never found out exactly what happened to the tiny gosling, if it did or did not survive.  Since it was not returned to its small family flock we can only assume that it could not be rehabilitated but we wish to believe that perhaps it is living comfortably in some type of sanctuary for handicapped wildlife, happily well-fed and lovingly cared for. 

Last year Mr. and Mrs. G. nested but none of their eggs were viable and after several grueling weeks spent incubating them Mrs. G. finally gave up and abandoned her nest.  She and her mate waddled about our neighbor's yard for a week or so and then, without much ado, departed.  

 I never quite understood just where Mr. and Mrs. G. go . . . I mean, if they come to South Florida for the summer then where to they reside in the winter ?  Do they fly further south to winter in Cancun, Cozumel or Puerto Vallarta ?  Do they waddle around some posh resort nibbling on tapas and sipping frozen corn-mush Margaritas ?  Can you picture Mrs. G. paddling around a pool in a shocking pink bikini?  Or Mr. G. sprawled out on a chaise lounge wearing his Foster Grant sunglasses ? 

They have returned now, for their third year, and once again Mrs. G. has made her nest on the island.  Always she chooses the same spot.  However I think this year she must be especially irritable as Mr. G. tends to keep his distance,  we often find him either browsing in our back yard or napping under the shade of the huge old oak trees at the back of our property. 


However he is quick to return to be close to his mate if anyone happens to stray outside, and he always joins Mrs. G. for a late afternoon swim around their pond. 

Will this year bring forth any fluffy, little goslings ? 

We will just have to wait and see as Mrs. G. isn't about to tell.  :)


  1. I am kind of afraid of geese...they can be really mean. They were such a problem in Western WA a few years ago that they had to 'cull them'. People were being attacked, plus they left so much poop around in parks and bodies of water that it was a health problem too.

  2. Yes they are territorial and can be very aggressive, especially when they have young to protect.

  3. Aww, I hope there are some babies this time! I giggled at the images of bikinis and corn mush margaritas!

  4. There is something about your story - this pair has become a part of your life, its coming is associated with some routine and you'll feel sad if they don't come back one day :)

  5. I Love going to the park to see the little goslings swimming on the river but I have to admit so many geese stay in Oregon now that they have become a big nuisance :(

    So, after the cute fluffy stage, I'm over it (maybe that is why I don't have a dog, lol :)

    Have a great evening, cheers, T. :)

  6. Aww, I hope they do get a little one this year. And that's funny that they think Florida is north, hahaha

    Our geese have returned too, and I'm happy to see them (but we really do live up north ;) ).

  7. Great geese! It's sad, our town had so many at the pond a few years ago that state environmental officials euthanized more than 100. I hope they're drinking corn-mush margaritas in heaven. :(

  8. Nice story! I sure hope they have little goslings this year!! And they come back as a family next!

  9. That's fantastic that they appeared south once more. I can't help but selfishly think "Goody, winter is finally gone from Canada!"

  10. We have many that come back too (although we're so far north, that's not really a shock.) I always love to see all the little babies following their parents around!


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