Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Holiday Correspondence

Though I haven't been blogging the last couple of days, I have been writing cards, notes and letters. Correspondence seems to be a dieing art, especially with email and text messaging the very idea of setting pen to paper might seem archaic.

Photos above and below...Getting down to business. Cards, pens, Rolodex, stamps and note paper.

Photo below...I require lots of space, lots and lots of space.

There are some people we met in our life's journey that we become attached to, usually distance prevents us from seeing them and more often than not they are not inclined to do email. I know several that are actually afraid of computers and refuse to own one, so though we seldom hear from one another, we think about each other often and it becomes a labor of love to reach out at this time of year to say hello and wish them well.
But next year I intend to start my cards and letters in November...I promise...yeah I know, I said that last year also.


  1. The evening after Thanksgiving, I sat down during a movie with my husband and we signed the cards I had prepared earlier that day. All our cards this year were handmade by various artists--I love them. But I had to add my own little notes to each and every person and then we passed the cards back and forth to sign them.

    I agree-email and texting has made personal correspondence seem archaic, but there are many out there who don't use email or texting--and appreciate the handwritten note/card.

    I'm one of them.

  2. I was just working on my Christmas cards today. I think it is a dying art--ten years ago, by Dec 15 we would have had a large pile of cards received from our friends. This year we have received 3 to date. It's pretty sad.

  3. I really truly appreciate handwritten cards. electronic cards dont cut it.

  4. In 14 years of being married we've ALWAYS done Christmas cards. Sadly, our list keeps shrinking every year because people have stopped sending cards to us! The past two years we've done photo cards with the kids pictures on them...which is a little easier than the old fashioned kind, but still nice for people who haven't seen them in a year.

  5. Great to see you back, I missed you.

    I Love sending cards and notes to people :) Unfortunately, I rarely receive them except at Christmas when so many people write personal notes. :) I have to admit we have done a family xmas letter for the past 20 years for our family and friends spread around the world who we only get to see maybe every 10 years or
    so :(

    I think it is a great tradition to take the time to connect in this special way once a year :) T.

  6. You've done a lot of great work

  7. i require a lot of space when i work, too! i like to take over my area :) thanks for your lovely comment on my blog earlier!

    take care, xo, katie

  8. Cathryn - It's nice to hear that you and your sweet hubby share this Christmas tradition. I can see how that would make it much more enjoyable.

    Uber Art - Yes folks seem to be depending upon emails and ecards more and more. But maybe there is still hope, perhaps a lot are running late the way I was. :)

    Bridget - I agree with you, there is something special about a handwritten note or card. Makes it more personal.

    AlyGatr - We used to have a lovely display of Christmas cards every year too. But just as you said each year there are less and less. Maybe it's the cost of postage, or people have gotten too busy and the stress of the holidays makes it hard to sit down and write those letters and cards ? But it is so nice to hear from people that you've not had contact with, even if it is only once a year.

    T@PoppyPlace - Beautifully said ! Yes it is a great tradition and I think the post office should make postage during the holiday season 50% off regular price. Would encourage people to write more and let's face it there is something so special about receiving a real, honest to goodness letter in one's mail box.

    Nevita - That is so sweet of you, thank you.

    Kate and Oli - Cards may be small but when you're doing a lot of them they really take up space...much like a baby, how can something so tiny need so much stuff ? =)

  9. Yeah I say that every year myself haha but STILL haven't written out cards this year. Looks like everyone will be getting a 50% off Christmas card...er, um, scratch that, I mean a Happy New Year card this year :-)

    I am very jealous of your kitchen, so much space!

  10. Jenn - Love your blogs.
    I can recall one year when everything was topsy turvy for us,we were in the process of moving and Christmas got pushed to the back burner. Think we were luck to even get a tree up that year. Didn't get to my cards until about Dec. 26th. All the cards I sent out that year began...Happy New Year...Hope your Christmas was lovely..." =D
    Oh well, it really is the thought that counts.

  11. That looks like what I need to start doing!! I am usually really on it, but I for sure haven’t written out any of my Christmas cards yet!

  12. I have sent half of our cards out.. but I still have to write the other half.. eep! Time is running out!! :)

  13. Every year I make a mental note to remember to send cards earlier than the year before...This year, though, thankfully, I have managed to write out all of them...

  14. Oh dear friends, the christmas correspondence is one of my nightmares. I forget every year to write to my relatives and when I see on my box the post cards I say: NOOOOOOOO, I forgot it this year too!

  15. Amanda - Just put your emphasis on Happy New Year. ;)

    Cabin+cub - Hope you've gotten the other half of you cards completed and in the mail. Hurray ! I just finished mine so I can vouch for how liberating that can make you feel.

    The Little Fox - I adore the art of your sweet little ladies, they are so pretty. Happy to hear that you were on top of the holiday cards and letters, you put most of us (like me) to shame. Well maybe next year I can follow your good example, LOL.

    Italo - I'm sure with your charm and your sweet personality all your relatives forgive you that small oversight. I bet you visit them with a nice bottle of vino and a sweet smile and you are back on top of their favorites list.

  16. Hi Anna, I just wanted to wish you and your family a very Merry Christmas :)

    regards, T. :)


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