Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Will the First Draw Please Step Forward ?

Giveaway Update...It has come to my attention that there are occasions when a winner does not come forth to claim their prize and I've noticed that other blog giveaways have a stipulation that should the prize go unclaimed for a certain amount of time (usually 5 to 7 days) that a second winner will be chosen.
So now I am adding this stipulation to my past earring giveaway. If the first draw is not claimed by December 6th the choice of earrings will go to our second place winner, Cindy and another entry will be drawn for the remaining pair of earrings. And in any future giveaways there will be this time of grace in which the winner has up to a week to claim their prize and let me know where it should be sent.
As of this posting I have not had a response from the first draw winner to my notifications of their having won. I realize that sometimes life can be extremely hectic and I know that Bridget is very involved at the moment with an upcoming arts and crafts show (you can read about it in her blog A Little Bit of B... ) I also realize that we all have many jobs to do, many hats to wear and very seldom enough time to do it all, therefore I am giving our first place winner until this coming Sunday to reply to my emails. Until then I hope she has a very successful show and have my fingers crossed that I will be hearing from her soon.

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