Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Homeland Security in a Cow Pasture

Photo above...Who you lookin' at? You lookin' at me?

Last spring the cattle pasture close to home held a nice herd of cows and a healthy crop of frisky calves. It was enjoyable to watch the young ones as they cavorted around the pasture and tried to emulate their moms. It was amusing to watch them as they tussled one another, engaged in mock battles. Then they grew up, as all creatures must do and the rancher sold them off, as was his purpose for having bred them.

This year the old herd seems smaller and only one calf graces their pasture. I did notice that all the older cattle kept a watchful eye on the little one.

Photo below...For a brief moment the calf was left alone, the adult cattle were just far enough away that I could capture a shot of the little calf all by its self, well other than the egret in the background...but....

Photo below...Right after I took the above shot, this "guardian" decided to get into the picture. One can't be too careful now-a-days.


  1. Cute shot, Anna :)

    You have been busy working on your blog, nice :)

    I really need to work on mine too :)

    Hope you are having a wonderful Tuesday, T. :)

  2. Beautiful! Having worked with cows before--yes they are protective of their babies--and they will hurt you if you try to get too close! Great shots!

  3. oh man, this post makes me want to go out into the country!! what a nice reminder of all the pretty wonderful green feilds out there!

  4. Isn't it great to see how they grow!

  5. Very cute baby! I wish I lived further out of the city.

  6. Wow, you live in a beautiful place. Our closest cows are in the zoo!

  7. I love cows. We raised them on our farm growing up, and I would give anything to have a small herd again. Despite what a good many people think, cows are very intelligent, and very compassionate. I remember fondly spending many days just walking the pastures and passing time talking to the "ladies". :)

  8. Oh, what wonderful pictures. They are really adorable. I'd love to have cows but seeing pictures is the next best thing.

  9. heehee, what a total cutie! Your title really had me laughing after reading the post :-)


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