Monday, May 17, 2010

A Princess Bracelet or a Bracelet fit for a Princess ?

My latest creation was inspired by my 9 year old granddaughter who asked me to make a "Princess Bracelet". I thought all my bracelets were fit for a princess, so I asked her what she thought a princess bracelet should be. Her response; "Lots of pearls and gold !". Simple answer.
So I went through my personal supplies and found a hank of creamy white pearl seed beads (glass of course and made in the Czech Republic but the closest things to tiny real seed pearls that I had on hand). In my seed bead collection I found a tube of gold Charlotte beads #14, teeny little things, and with their silver lining they really sparkle. To this I added Czech glass 3 mm round beads in a white Opal finish, and some luscious Czech firepolished glass beads in a deep ruby or garnet red just for a splash of elegant color...but not too much color, must let the pearls and the gold stand proud. A search through my button collection found a package of gold tone buttons that I purchased years ago but never used. True the button isn't real gold, it isn't even metal, it's plastic but it has a lovely design to it and was made in Italy...that could explain why I liked them so much.

Photos above and below...I can't seem to get the color calibrated on my camera. The top photo was taken with the camera set on Auto, while the bottom photo was shot set on the portrait setting. The background color of both should have been a lovely pale sky blue. But as you can see the top photo looks like a blue gray and the bottoms leans toward turquoise blue. (Oh and the very 1st photo was on a mossy green background, just in case you're wondering.)

So what do you this a Princess Bracelet or not ? And yes it is in my Etsy shop for the astronomical price of $12...oh am I going to get rich or what? LOL


  1. I can definitely see the royalty... but what did your granddaughter think??

  2. Just perfect for a princess of any age!!!
    Great work!

  3. Vicoria - I think she liked it but she was hoping that I would have made it small enough to fit her Barbie chance of that, I have beads nearly small enough. LOL

    Teri - Thank you. I like the simple combination of the pearls, gold and then the splash of deep red. My granddaughter has good taste. :)

  4. That is a bracelet fit for a QUEEN! How beautiful. OMG, you are so selling yourself short. If I were you, I'd sell it for more than $12, but that's just me :) Your hard work on such a beautiful piece is worthy of more!

  5. It is a beautiful bracelet, and I agree that the price is too low for all the work.

    Make Barbie a necklace instead, maybe?

    Linda B.

  6. Hi Anna, that is truly beautiful. I am sure you could sell your work for way more, I agree with Aly.

    Have a wonderful Monday, T. :)

  7. what a lovely idea - a princess bracelet! And so beautiful :-) Thanks for coming by my blog, and good luck with the giveaways. I feel another drawing is coming on real soon ;-)

  8. That is beautiful and fit for a princess of any age! Your granddaughter is lucky!

  9. Thank you for the blog comment...

    That bracelet is gorgeous! Can't believe you're only charging $12!!! For all of that bead weaving you should get twice as much or more out of your creations...

    I don't know, if I were you I would seriously think about upping the price! But that's just my opinion ;)

    Hope you have an Inspiring and Creative Day :)

  10. Oooh, very pretty... and fit for a royal princess indeed! hmmm.... is your granddaughter eyeing it now?..heehee

  11. Ooh your granddaughter is definitely onto something there...such a beautiful piece! You did the concept of princess very proud my friend!

  12. New to your blog but I will be sure to follow you! This design is great is there a tutorial? I would love to make one my self!


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