Wednesday, May 5, 2010

My Friend "Flicker"....

For the past few days I have purposely kept from adding a fresh blog post as I did not wish to distract focus from my article on Vanessa's need for sponsors for her NYC Aids Walk. She is still below her goal of $1,000 and needs another $350 to reach the mark that she set for herself. If you're interested you can access her sponsor page through the above highlighted link. She would be happy for ANY amount you wish to contribute.

Several days ago I was standing on the wooden bridge at the back of our property and could not help but notice a scuffle going on between 2 birds. They were both woodpeckers though not of the same species and they were definitely at odds over something. The larger bird I recognized as a "Flicker" due to its large size and a brilliant tuft of flaming red feathers at the crest of its head. The other bird was much smaller and more reserved in coloration but was obviously some type of woodpecker. Though I managed to capture a few photos of the larger Flicker the smaller bird was more elusive.
Photo below...Captured this shot just as the flicker's red crest caught a patch of sunlight. Oh how I would have loved to have a camera with better zoom capabilities.


  1. Aren't they just gorgeous but very noisy home builders :) T.

  2. oh wow! they are pretty... but they can be quite noisy! ;)


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